How To Select Garage Door Springs

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    How To Select Garage Door Springs

    One of the most important components of a garage door is the spring.

    The spring is responsible for bearing the weight of the panel particularly the torsion spring.

    With everyday use and exposure to various harmful components, the spring will wear out eventually.

    When the component reaches its limit, it will give us a hard time opening the door panel and pull the vehicle out.

    Considering that most of us utilize our garage to park our vehicles, a garage door malfunction can be frustrating and inconvenient.

    With a nearby service provider in Mississauga, you’re guaranteed to get the hardware back to its working condition.

    Silver Garage Doors is a team of dedicated technicians that offers same-day garage door spring repairs.

    But before we delve further into the subject, allow us to show you how to select garage door springs.

    Durable and resilient springs can eliminate an array of inconveniences.

    Different Types of A Garage Door Spring

    A garage door spring has two main varieties that have different functions but work in unison for seamless operation.

    So, before you will replace your broken or frayed spring, know which part should you need to repair.

    Extension Springs

    Mounted vertically on each side of the panel, this component works or functions by assisting the panel upward.

    There are three (3) types of extension springs available in the market such as clipped-end, double-looped, and open-looped.

    1. Clipped-end extension spring. The strongest variant of extension spring carrying up to a 200-pound hardware panel.
    2. Double-looped extension spring. After clipped-end, double-looped is the next best strongest variant. You can easily distinguish this component with its two coils found on both ends of the spring.
    3. Open-looped extension spring. A weak variation of extension spring that when it will reach its limit, you need to replace the entire springs.

    Torsion Spring(s)

    Mounted at the topmost part of the panel, the torsion spring’s main function is to facilitate the door panel’s mechanism.

    A torsion spring should match the panel’s weight to effectively lower and lift the hardware.

    So, before you head out to the nearest hardware store, know the door panel’s weight and color of the torsion spring.

    The torsion spring comes in four different variations such as standard, torque-master, steel-rolling door, and early-set.

    1. Standard. Effective for lightweight garage doors
    2. Early-set. This torsion spring can be seen installed on the torsion shaft
    3. Steel rolling-door. It contains a torsion barrel and often used in commercial and industrial overhead doors
    4. Torque-master. Just like the steel rolling door, this torsion spring is used only for commercial and industrial hardware

    To prevent installing a wrong torsion spring, you will notice that they have different colors.

    Each color represents the weight they can support such as:

    • Green. Supports a 120-pound door panel. This type of torsion spring is widely used for a light commercial overhead door.
    • Blue. Can carry about 135 to 145 pounds. Moreover, it can also be used for a 90-pound door panel.
    • Grey. Bears the weight of a door panel with 155 to 165 pounds.
    • Orange. Supports the heaviest door panel with 175 to 200 pounds.

    The safest way of knowing the panel’s weight is by checking your worn-out torsion spring’s color.

    If in case the color had already faded, you can manually check or measure the spring.

    By doing so, you will need a ruler or a measuring tape. Then, measure the spring’s diameter.

    However, identifying its weight may require you to remove the worn-out spring.

    So, it’s best to consult for a professional’s help to avoid unnecessary accidents.

    When it comes to your broken garage door spring, call for technical support.

    Bottom Line

    Knowing how to select garage door springs may seem an easy job.

    But the tricky part of this component is the replacement and installation part.

    Moreover, we have told our valued customers repeatedly about the safety hazards that entail a broken spring.

    So, we highly encourage you to talk with us and let us resolve your garage door problems.

    Our professional technicians have gained years of experience to easily execute every repair and installation.

    Therefore, don’t try to do the job if you don’t have the experience and technical skills.

    Call us and we will be right there in no time!

    For seamless and fully functional hardware, get it maintained regularly! Book us and enjoy our great deals!

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