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    Quarantines have been lifted and travel restrictions with that too.

    You might be tempted to go on a road trip to enjoy the newfound freedom.

    Then something happens, something you did not anticipate.

    Your garage door started having issues.

    You may ask yourself, you did basic maintenance, why is it acting up?

    Well, the pandemic caused the doors to stop functioning aside from the times you did maintenance.

    That affects the door’s functions and triggers its parts.

    If you did not do any maintenance, your overhead door is more prone to having issues.

    When you’re in a bind, simply give your local service repair specialist a call.

    That and learn to do basic maintenance.

    Basic Maintenance

    Basic maintenance prevents small issues from becoming problems.

    Those small issues include tightening bolts, straightening the antenna, cleaning the photo-eye.

    Tightening bolts keep garage door parts in place and straightening the antenna strengthens the frequency for it to receive signals.

    Maintenance starts at being keen on observation.

    Inspect every little thing in a bi-weekly manner to check if there is something amiss with your overhead door.

    Clean motos, axles, and pulleys, removing possible build-ups from becoming blockage.

    Also, lubricate these parts to help it run smoothly.

    When these parts are dry, the resistance can be strong enough to snap a cable in two.

    Common Garage Door Problems in Georgetown


    When you press the remote, your door refuses to open.

    Even in close proximity, the door still does not work well.

    You checked the remote control and the batteries are still working.

    The problem lies in the antenna.

    A lopsided antenna will not receive signals the same way as when it was in its proper form.

    Straighten the antenna and secure loose bolts.

    If that does not work, then there might be something jamming the signals.

    Your neighbor’s radio or their universal remote may be triggering your door to open.

    The best way to fix that is to put a jammer in that direction to stop the antenna from receiving unwanted signals.

    If the devices that emit radiofrequency cannot be moved, then you will need to install an extension.

    If you’ve done all these things and the problem persists, call for a technician.

    Unresponsive Garage Door

    An unresponsive garage door’s problem may be its door’s wirings.

    It can also be the door’s logic board.

    If the logic board’s circuit may have gone haywire, or it was exposed by a weary housing.

    Some wirings may have been removed from the logic board and that is causing the garage door to be unresponsive.

    Do not attempt to fix an unresponsive door.

    It involves electricity.

    Broken Weather Sealant

    Weather sealants prevent water from entering your garage.

    That and it keeps weather changes from affecting your car.

    If the sealant is broken, this means that your garage and your car are vulnerable to water damages and air leaks.

    There is no repairing a broken weather sealant.

    You will need to replace the whole thing.

    This can be a project as weather sealants are available at home depots.

    Garage Motor keeps on running

    When the garage motor does not stop running, the limit switch is malfunctioning.

    This will be confirmed when the motor emits a lot of noise.

    The motor is the heaviest part of the garage door aside from the door itself.

    The limit switch will be adjusted and shifted little by little.

    However, the safety hazard is too high to ignore so it should be handled by a repair specialist.

    The garage door is triggered to function that way, and a specialist can do the tune-up for that.

    Remote Control

    The remote control may stop working because of the batteries or it started to deteriorate from the inside.

    If that is not the problem, your remote needs to be replaced with a newer version or be programmed to its latest setting to keep it working well.

    Garage door repairs may be daunting to a beginner, but you need to learn at some point.

    Fix what you can and leave others to do what you can’t.

    If you are from Georgetown or live nearby, we would love to assist you with garage door repairs.

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