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    Shannon Simpson

    These guys came out right away to fix my garage door springs. They lubed up all the tracks and made the doors a lot quiter and were very polite and friendly. Great job!

    Justin Chance

    Excellent service! Referred to me by a trusted friend & they came out and explored existing setup, offered solutions. Tuned up existing and added new state of the art opener. 1 day notice, next day completion. I highly recommend using Them!

    June Johnson

    This was not the first place I called when my garage door spring broke. However they were the one I ultimately scheduled and am happy I did.

    Very knowledgeable technician that answers all of your questions, explains why and how things work. Silver Garage Doors will certainly be my First call when I need something for my garage doors in the future!

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    At Silver Garage Door Repairs, we operate to only the highest of standards, we stop at nothing to make sure our customers are happy.

    Our engineers have had years of experience in industry and nothing can surprise them.

    If it’s related to a garage door, they know about it. They’re all trained with the latest and greatest equipment too.

    All of our parts come with a comprehensive warranty you can rely on. That’s what we
    call peace of mind.


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    If a rattling door is driving you crazy - we can fix it. Fast.

    Strange Noises?

    Creaking that just grease won’t fix? Not a problem, give us a call.

    Bent out of shape?

    A slightly bent door can quickly develop into something bigger and is a sign of wear and tear. Let us take care of it.

    Overhead door not moving?

    It could be something as simple as a blocked sensor eye.

    Garage door panels broken or damaged?

    Panels that are damaged are panels that are dangerous. These should be attended to immediately. We’ll come straight out.

    Garage door not opening or closing properly?

    A garage door that isn’t fully secured is a potential pathway for intruders. Don’t take the risk - call us now.

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    Nothing is more important to us as a company than the satisfaction of our customers.

    Aside from repairs, we can offer aesthetic advice that can help compliment the look and value of your home.

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    Big or Small

    No job is too big or too small Garage door repair and maintenance is often overlooked.

    If a front door is unhinged, bent or broken, you wouldn’t wait to have it repaired – so why wait for your garage door to be? We know the safety of your family and home is paramount above all else, that’s why we’re there when you need us.

    Regular upkeep is the best way to prevent any big repair bills stacking up.

    We’ll always give our customers advice on what they can do to keep their garage door in tip-top condition.

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    Serving The Mississauga Area

    There are a few simple things that you can do to repair your garage door. If the door isn’t opening or closing properly, there might be something blocking the track. You can try to clear the track yourself by using a broom handle or other long object. If that doesn’t work, you might need to call a garage door company for assistance.

    How much does it cost to fix a garage door that won’t open in Mississauga?

    The average garage door repair cost in Mississauga is $95, with most homeowners spending between $79 and $111. However, some garage door repairs can cost as much as $200 or more. If you’re experiencing a problem with your garage door, it’s best to call a professional for assistance.

    How much does it cost to replace cables on a garage door?

    The average cost to replace cables on a garage door is $125. Most homeowners spend between $100 and $150 to have this repair done. Cables are an important part of your garage door, and if they break, it can be dangerous. That’s why it’s best to call a professional for assistance.

    How much does it cost to replace garage door rollers?

    The average cost to replace garage door rollers is $180. Most homeowners spend between $160 and $200 on this repair. Rollers are an important part of your garage door, and if they’re not working properly, the door can be difficult to open or close.

    How much does it cost to fix a garage door motor?

    The average cost to fix a garage door motor is $260. Most homeowners spend between $240 and $280 on this repair. If your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly, the problem might be with the motor. You can try to reset the motor yourself, but if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to call a professional.

    Why Us?

    As a garage door repair in Mississauga, we’ve dealt with our fair share of issues.

    Residential and commercial garage doors are great for security and storage.

    Homeowners can benefit from the variety of styles and the aesthetic property that garage doors can have.

    Business owners can pick and choose certain attributes doors should have to better serve a company.

    Whatever reason you have for owning a garage door, this investment isn’t perfect.

    Even after the garage door installation process, problems can arise.

    Issues that pop up are usually due to the lack of maintenance of the different parts that make up your door.

    The neglect or dismissal of some of the problems we talk about later can actually lead to the need for a scheduled garage door replacement.

    Thus, here are a few of the bits and pieces of your door that could cause problems as well as how you should deal with them.


    Power makes the mechanisms related to your garage door function well.

    If the batteries within the transmitter are dead, signals to open and close the door won’t be sent.

    Switching out the old batteries for new ones is pretty easy to do.

    You can simply do this by sliding the transmitter’s backside open to remove them.

    Some models will require unscrewing the bolts so grab a pair of screwdrivers fit to do the job.

    Another issue that could come up is that you’re too far away for the signals to be received from your door.

    Drive a little closer to the door before using the remote to remedy this.

    If you’re about a hair’s breadth away from the door and it refuses to open, check on the antenna.

    There should be nothing in its way and it should not have any dents.

    However, replacing the antenna is a job we could do for you if need be.

    It is also possible that your transmitter has the same frequency as your neighbors.

    This could be the case if it seems like your garage door has a mind of its own when in reality, the neighbors are unknowingly controlling it.


    Damaged tracks are also a problem that presents itself after a garage door has had a lot of use.

    Since rollers give off vibrations whenever your door opens or closes, it makes sense that some bolts will come loose after time.

    Don’t panic; you can tighten them.

    One of the more obvious signs that you need to check on the tracks is when the garage door looks lopsided.

    When they’re uneven, there’s usually a misaligned track somewhere.

    If the door seems to stop halfway for no obvious reason, check-in on the tracks.

    Any dust or debris can cause problems for the rollers’ path so clear out the tracks every so often to avoid this.

    For seriously damaged tracks, technicians from Silver Garage Door Repairs can handle them.


    Snapped springs are a very scary instance.

    When the transmitter is doing its job and the motor is working perfectly, what could be wrong?

    A door that won’t open at all could have a broken spring.

    Springs have a certain number of cycles that they can go through.

    How many times it will be able to open and close will depend on your spring’s quality.

    When a spring snaps, your garage door will often slam shut.

    For cases like this, do not try to move the door at all.

    Springs should only be handled by us at Silver Garage Door Repairs because they are very dangerous to work with.

    Give a call to this garage door repair in Mississauga to get new springs.


    Instead of closing and staying closed, what if the garage door opens up again?

    Silver Garage Door Repairs experts find this a common problem with newly installed doors.

    Older models may just need to be reset to fix this issue.

    The limit range that garage door openers have to relay just how much a door should move before it is closed.

    When the limits are higher than they should be, the door will hit the ground and think that it’s hit something it shouldn’t have.

    This auto reverse safety feature is great but only when it works how it should.

    If adjusting the limit settings just don’t seem to be working, it’s time to call into a garage door repair in Mississauga.

    Manual Lock

    As an extra safety feature, even newer makes and models can come with manual locks.

    Let’s say every single component was checked, and you see that everything is fine so the door should function as normal.

    Check on the manual lock; you might have just missed it.

    These usually look like knobs or handles and you’ll just need to twist them until you hear that clicking sound to signal that your door is ready to get back to work.

    More Pressing Issues?

    For other concerns that were not mentioned above, call Silver Garage Door Repairs.

    We’re here to help; inquire today!