Warehouse Roll Up Door Repair

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    Warehouse Roll Up Door Repair

    Have a Warehouse Roll Up Door That Needs Fixing?

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    Commercial roll up doors is one of the most popular ways to secure items in storage.

    Vehicles, material masses, and household items are just a few of the things that are easily moved in and out of warehouses.

    There are quite a few manufacturers on the market that specialize in the creation and maintenance of these types of doors.

    They are popular for being easy to install, use and take care of without interfering with the interior of a building structure or warehouse.

    Even if the problem seems minor, there may be underlying issues not visible to users.

    Though not very common, issues with warehouse roll up doors can occur over time.

    Luckily, we offer the best warehouse garage door repair services for different commercial doors.

    What is Actually Wrong with the Roll Up Door?

    The first step is figuring out what actually went wrong.

    This way, professionals can expertly help out when the door malfunctions.

    Recognizing an issue and contacting the right people will save time and resources in the long run.

    The most common and easily repaired commercial door problems are the following:

    1. Incorrect Leveling: A leveling tool is usually deemed unneeded during installation which leads to door jams in the future.
    2. Unaligned Header: The door track will be unable to fall correctly into the guides if the headers are placed too far back or forward.
    3. Overturned Door Spring: If there is too much tension from winding the door more than manufacturer-recommended, the spring can actually break.
    4. Compact Guides: When the guide strips are too compact, the door’s panel tends to drag against them which causes opening or closing the door a hassle.
    5. Incorrect Drum Alignment: For older manufactured doors, the metal around the edge of a door drum could be misaligned which leads to a crooked roll.

    What Different Kinds of Doors and Manufactured and Out on the Market?

    Before contacting experts like ourselves, it helps speed the process along if customers are familiar with the different types of roll up doors.

    • Metal: Slats are commonly made of stainless or galvanized steel in order to allow doors to be raised and lowered easily without taking up too much space.
    • Overhead: The most common variety because they take up minimal space but come in a variety of sizes and features.
    • Electric: Bigger roll up doors can be quite heavy so electric ones reduce the manual workload and are actually safer.
    • High-Speed: These doors are perfect for high-traffic places where time is of the essence and waiting for a door to function is an inconvenience.
    • Glass and Aluminum: More natural lighting and clearer visibility of the inside of a space and outside of it are possible when these are installed.
    • Fire Rated: Doors that are in industrial or commercial spaces add an extra layer of fire protection because these doors are able to close when a fire is detected nearby.
    • Security: Storage is more secure because there are key passes, more cylinder locks, and safety sensors if needed.

    Fixable Door Wear and Tear

    When previously mentioned problems arise, do not hesitate to ask for help.

    When a door is frequently in use, springs can cease to function correctly.

    Though the most common problems are actually due to incorrect installation that was overlooked or unnoticed completely.

    If there is a problem with the track it is easily cleaned and tightened if need be.

    More complicated issues related to garage door repair should be dealt with by manufacturers or professionals.

    Call Silver Garage Door Repairs Today

    Representatives can be easily reached out to when dealing with roll up door malfunctions.

    Attempting to fix up a door through DIY means is not recommended.

    It may save money and time, but there is also a greater chance of making matters worse.

    Doors, like other mechanisms, require the proper care and maintenance.

    No matter where they are installed, safety and security should be of utmost importance.

    Thankfully, Silver Garage Door Repairs make warehouse roll up door repair and solutions easily accessible and reliable.

    Services are available for different types of overhead doors and are open to both home and business owners.

    It matters little whether a commercial or warehouse roll up door is malfunctioning, Silver Garage Door Repairs can help.

    Don’t worry about the repair cost because we got our clients covered there with our fair prices.

    Contact us now!

    Let us know how we can help today!

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