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    Overhead doors have a simple operation โ€“ they only move up and down, over and over again.

    Because of their simple mechanism, they last for decades.

    To make your garage door last long, you need to take care of it to make sure all parts are working correctly and to repair them as soon as possible.

    Once you spot issues with your garage door, it’s best to call a garage door repair in Orangeville, such as Silver Garage Doors.

    When you leave the work to us, we’ll make sure to provide the best garage door service you need.

    Moreover, these are common problems that require overhead door repairs.

    See if you encounter one of the following issues.

    The Garage Door Does Not Move

    Sudden breakdowns on your garage door can be either easy or challenging to fix.

    The level of difficulty when it comes to the repairs depends on how severe the problem is.

    Make sure to check the batteries if they need replacement.

    But if it doesn’t work, there might be problems with the garage door opener or sensors.

    Call a residential or commercial garage door service to diagnose the problem.

    The Garage Door is Having a Hard Time Lifting

    Overhead doors are no doubt heavy as they weigh more than 400 pounds.

    If the garage door struggles to lift, it might be due to wear and tear or damage on springs.

    When springs are damaged, they snap, which makes the door difficult to lift.

    Hire a garage door repair in Orangeville for a garage door spring replacement.

    The Panels are Damaged

    Dents and cracks are common to see in the panel doors.

    In this case, a repair or replacement is suggested.

    The professional will inspect the severity of the dents on the panel and eliminate the problem.

    If it has multiple dents and damages, then a replacement is the best option and the most cost-effective.

    The Garage Door is Old

    Overhead doors can last up to a maximum of 30 years if well-maintained.

    When your garage door is around this age, it might need more repairs than usual.

    Remember that repairs for old garage doors are more expensive because the work is intensive when dealing with old parts and other mechanisms.

    It’s better to upgrade to a new one to prevent pricey repairs.

    Silver Garage Doors offers garage door installation in Baldwin.

    There is a Sudden Increase in Monthly Electric Bills

    Garage doors are built with weather stripping and insulation to protect your home from extreme weather changes and elements.

    However, when the seals break and there are gaps at the garage door’s sides, there might be a need to use an air conditioner or heater as often.

    As a result, your energy bills increase when you use your appliances to regulate the temperature inside your garage and home.

    The Garage Door is No Longer Safe

    Garage doors protect us from thefts and intruders.

    However, damages can compromise the safety features of an overhead door.

    If there have been previous break-ins in your house, it’s better to invest in better security features.

    Talk to your trusted garage door repair in Orangeville to consider the best options for security.

    Why Choose Silver Garage Doors?

    If there are issues above you’re encountering with your garage door, it’s time to call us if you’re in a borough such as Orangeville.

    Thus, these are the reasons why to choose us:

    1. We want to satisfy our customers

    As a reputable garage door repair in the GTA area, we make sure to provide excellent service to our customers.

    We will offer you our high-caliber service.

    Whether you need a garage door installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance, rest assured you’ll be happy with the results.

    We also make a follow-up call to confirm the status of your garage door after the fixes.

    1. Quick and efficient service

    Tell us your garage door problems, and we’ll go to you right away to fix your garage door.

    Call us any time of the day since we are available around the clock.

    Expect a quick and efficient service from Silver Garage Doors.

    1. Transparency

    Transparency is essential to maintaining trust between the customer and the garage door service provider.

    In terms of prices, we will inform you ahead of time of the estimated quote according to the issues you’re having.

    We don’t have hidden charges, so expect that the price we mentioned prior is what you’ll be expecting to pay.

    Due to our transparency, we have established loyal customers in Orangeville.

    1. We have trained professionals

    We believe that as technology improves, so is our training.

    Garage door features keep updating as time goes by.

    Thus, we need to know how to deal with the updated technology.

    We promise to deliver high-quality work, and so we have continuously trained our technicians to keep up with the technology and different demands.

    Don’t Hesitate and Call Our Team for a Garage Door Repair around the GTA area!

    When it comes to garage doors, it’s essential to invest in high-quality service to maintain good condition.

    If you’re in Orangeville, and other areas around Mississauga, call us now!

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