How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Spring

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    How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Spring

    A broken garage door spring is considered one of the most complex and risky types of repairs that require proper tools and equipment, skills, and training.

    If you have the necessary skills and confidence to take on the job–just bear in mind to prioritize your safety above all else and proceed with caution.

    Besides the dangers of repairing a broken spring, leaving it idly for a long time poses a safety risk to the entire family.

    Many homeowners consider garage doors as the main exit and entrance of the residence.

    Therefore, a broken garage door spring requires you to call for emergency garage door repairs.

    What Is A Garage Door Spring?

    Garage door springs mainly act as the garage door’s counterbalance.

    Technically, the springs counteract the door’s force of gravity for ease of use allowing the door panel to safely lower and lift open.

    There are two types of garage door springs with different functions but both are responsible for managing the door’s opening and closing mechanism.

    While there are various types of overhead door springs–these are the two widely used by the professionals:

    1. Extension Springs. Located above the garage door track or vertically mounted on the sides–is responsible for pulling the panel upward.
    2. Torsion Springs. This type of spring is sturdier and lasts up to 15,000 to 20,000 cycles.

    Tips on How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Spring

    Before you attempt to repair the broken springs–take note that a broken garage door spring entails safety risks.

    This type of garage door repair requires technical support from a team of professional garage door repairmen due to the force it can produce.

    Bear in mind that the door panel spring can lift to 400 pounds.

    Therefore, if you are going to fix or replace the broken garage door springs by yourself, make sure you have the proper training and skills.

    Gather the tools required

    • Clamps
    • Cordless drill
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Hammer
    • Locking pliers
    • Safety glasses
    • Leather gloves
    • Rags
    • Ratchet/socket set
    • Wrench set
    • Winding bars

    Materials required

    • Lift cable
    • Bottom brackets
    • double -life torsion springs

    How to Repair Extension Garage Door Spring

    Take note that this repair is about the extension garage door spring.

    Whether you’re replacing or repairing, always make sure to unplug the door from the opener by simply pulling the emergency release button.

    This will allow you to manually open and close the door panel.

    Again, proceed with care and caution when doing the repairs or replacement of the component.

    Once you’re done unplugging and disconnecting the door from its opener–then, open the garage door panel to remove the tension from the spring and clamp them in place.

    • Just above one of the rollers, lock the garage door using the clamp or locking pliers.
    • Make sure to mark the placement of the pulley using a piece of tape or any marker on hand. This will help you remember where to place the pulley back in its place.
    • From the spring pulley and track bracket–disconnect the spring carefully.
      Note–there’s a safety cable attached to the spring which is responsible for holding it (spring) in place.
    • Disconnect the safety cable from the bracket and carefully remove the old and broken spring.
    • Once you have removed the old spring–get the new spring and replace it where the old spring was and thread the safety cable on it back to the track bracket.
    • Make sure that the wire from the pulley is away from the safety cable.
    • Then, re-attach the pulley and safety cable carefully.

    Once the components are back in their usual and correct placement, remove the clamps that you used to lock the door.

    Then, reconnect the garage door opener.

    Lastly, test the garage door to make sure the replacement or repairs worked.

    When the door panel will not close all the way up and/or closes quickly, inspect and adjust accordingly or as necessary.

    Furthermore, for a complete garage door spring repair–check out the following video.


    Don’t wait for your garage door to crumble. Garage doors require routine TLC or as necessary – depending on the frequency and age of the overhead door panel.

    Just like any of your household appliances, garage doors require routine lubrication, inspection, and replacements to function properly.

    By now, you’re aware that leaving a broken garage door spring entails safety risks for the entire family.

    Therefore, entrust all your garage door problems to a reliable garage door repairman in Mississauga.

    Emergency Garage Door Repairman in Mississauga

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