How to Replace A Broken Garage Door Roller

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    How to Replace A Broken Garage Door Roller

    Garage doors provide us a secure feeling knowing that we are safe and secured at night and even when you’re away from home.

    However, when the garage door starts to malfunction and will no longer work as it used to during its prime years, it can either cause inconvenience or put your safety at risk.

    To avoid any of these inevitable and dreaded situations, give your garage door routine maintenance.

    Not only will it save you and your family from illicit activities lurking around the vicinity but it will also save you from expensive repairs in the future.

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    Observe Safety Precautions

    Before you get started in replacing the broken garage door rollers, make sure to follow the necessary safety precautions.

    • Make sure to unplug the garage door opener.
    • Release the door panel from the opener by releasing the emergency release button. So you can manually manipulate the door panel.

    For additional safety precaution, ask for assistance as there can be potential safety risks when repairing or replacing any of the garage door’s parts.

    Materials Required

    • A new set of garage door rollers
    • Pliers
    • Clamp
    • Flathead screwdriver (large size)
    • Prybar

    Bottom rollers replacement

    • Open the door panel all the way up
    • Place the clamp (on the garage door tracks) about ⅔  of the door’s opening
    • Make sure to release the door from its opener by releasing the emergency release button
    • Unplug the garage door opener from the outlet for added safety
    • Using your pliers, bend the track slightly open (located nearly at the top of the garage door track)
    • Using the flathead screwdriver–wedge between the track and roller, then pry the roller out of the track and remove the old roller. Then, insert the new roller into the track
    • Next, roll the door panel down to the next roller. Then repeat the process of replacing and removing the rollers.

    Once you’re done replacing all the four (4) bottom rollers, make sure to bend the track back into its place (the one you bent earlier).

    Then, roll the door panel all the way up.

    Re-aligning the track will facilitate a smooth replacement of the top rollers.

    Top rollers replacement

    • Open the overhead door panel all the way up
    • In the middle of the garage door part–bend slightly a section of the track to facilitate the rollers with ease.
    • Ask for assistance to spot the door for you–as there’s a possibility the panel will slip and hit you in the head.
    • In the absence of your assistant, clamp about 2/4 of the garage door track. This will provide support if you don’t have any help around. Bear in mind that the door panel’s weight can knock you out–always give precedence to your safety.
    • Pry the last roller, and then replace them. Using your pliers, bend the track back into its place.

    Once you’re done, make sure to remove the clamp from the track.

    Plug your garage door opener and re-attach by pressing the button that controls the garage door’s operation.

    Then, the door panel will automatically re-attach to its opener.

    For adjustments, simply loosen the bolts on the side of the door’s track and re-align accordingly.

    Tighten the hardware’s components

    Make sure all the bolts, screws, and other moving parts are not loose including the garage door track.

    As we are all aware, due to the overhead door panel’s motion and vibration, it can lose or shake the screws and bolts over time.


    To avoid any major broken parts on your hardware, always give time to check on your garage door.

    Many homeowners rely heavily on the convenience of garage doors and disregard the thought of providing its necessities – routine maintenance.

    Garage doors keep the entire family safe and secure throughout the night and even if you’re away from home.

    As your garage door ages, it loses its strength and durability.

    Therefore, give it the proper care and maintenance it deserves.

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