How To Replace A Broken Garage Door Spring

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    How To Replace A Broken Garage Door Spring

    Similar to a garage door cable, a garage door spring is also one of the most underappreciated things in a house.

    We only think about it when it’s broken and affecting the functionality of the garage door.

    The door spring becomes a significant component when it’s already difficult for us to open and close the door. Oops!

    When a garage door spring is broken, we can either replace it ourselves or hire a professional to do the work.

    While a DIY fix is a much cheaper option than a commercial service, the latter keeps us safe.

    It’s also a better option if we don’t have experience or if we are not confident enough to do it ourselves.

    But if we want to turn it into a DIY project, here are a few tips on how to replace a broken garage door spring.

    Remember, these are just basic tips.

    If we want to ensure that the broken door springs are replaced correctly, then call us now!

    How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Spring

    Replacing a broken garage door spring depends on the type of spring the garage door has.

    With that said, there are two main types of garage door springs: an extension spring and a torsion spring.

    Before replacing the spring, we need to identify what kind of spring your garage door first.

    • Extension Spring – long, slender spring that is parallel to every horizontal door track
    • Torsion Spring – has at least one thick spring on the metal rod parallel to and found above the door opening

    We can find both types of springs on standard garage doors.

    If the garage has an old-style, swinging door with vertical springs on both sides, then it has side springs, which consist of different types of extension springs.

    Replacing Extension Door Springs

    So, how to replace a broken garage door spring if it’s an extension door spring? Here are basic steps we can follow.

    This video can also be useful.

    • Start by opening the garage door to remove all the springs, then clamp the door in place so that it won’t move. If it’s electrical, disconnect or unplug the door opener.
    • Mark the current position of the pulley for easy re-installation, then detach the spring from the pulley and track bracket.
    • There is a safety cable that is threaded through the door spring. Detach that safety cable and remove the old, damaged spring. Make sure that the replacement spring is the same as the old spring.
    • Thread back the safety cable through the replacement spring, which needs to be reattached to the track bracket.
    • Reinstall the safety cable and pulley. Ensure that pulley’s wire is away from the safety cable, and the pulley is placed back to its right placement (follow the marks).
    • Take away the clamps then connect the door opener. Test the garage door to check if the new spring works. If it doesn’t work, inspect the pulley and the spring and adjust them as we see fit.

    Replacing Torsion Door Springs

    If the garage door has torsion springs, the replacement process involves many steps.

    It’s a more complicated task than replacing an extension garage door spring.

    If it’s too difficult, you can count on us to fix it for you. This video will also be helpful.

    • Keep the garage door closed when replacing a torsion spring. Clam the door to ensure that it remains closed throughout the process.
    • Using a ladder, climb up to the winding cone (found at the end of the door spring), then insert a winding bar into the cone. By doing this, it keeps the spring in place. Make sure that everything is secure before proceeding to the next step.
    • To prevent injuries, keep one bar in the winding cone. Bring the winding bar down to the top of the door, then insert a second bar. Remove the first bar and lower the second bar, then insert the first bar into the next hole. Repeat this step until the spring is fully unraveled.
    • Loosen the torsion hardware then remove it. Remove the cables, cable drums, and springs as well.
    • Assuming that you have the right torsion springs, insert the replacement left spring into the torsion tube, then reattach the cable drum. Place the center bearing as well as the replacement right spring. Secure the winding cones.
    • Thread the door cables and tighten the cable drums. Ensure that both sides have equal tension to avoid uneven door opening.
    • Begin the winding with the help of winding bars. Tighten the screws attaching the winding cones, then lubricate the springs.
    • Remove the clamp and test the garage door to check if everything is correctly placed. If not, inspect the components and adjust them if necessary.

    Call Us for Professional Spring Replacement Services

    There you have it.

    We have shared the steps on how to replace a broken garage door spring.

    If they are too complicated, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    We are always ready to help our clients with their garage door repair needs.

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