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    How to Replace A Broken Garage Door Roller

    Have you noticed a build-up of dirt and dampness in your garage?

    There is a possibility that the issue is with your garage door.

    Even though garage doors’ bottom seals are supposed to keep out all of these nuances, they might wear out over time.

    The concrete floor could, in the worst case scenario, leave enormous gaps under the door.

    Standard seals, on the other hand, may be unable to fill these large gaps.

    It is possible that older garage doors or doors built on new homes are not sufficiently insulated or have not been fully weather stripped to protect your garage from extreme weather conditions.

    Although, weather stripping garage doors might be the least thing you consider and look into.

    It is, nonetheless, essential in keeping your garage door, your garage, and yourself safe from snow, freezing winds, rain, and hail.

    To save yourself from the time and inconvenience, check your garage weather stripping to see whether it needs to be updated.

    If it does, you can count on Silver Garage Doors.

    We not just offer garage door repair, but we also provide a full range of garage door services to meet all your garage door needs.

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    What is Weather Stripping?

    In essence, weather stripping is the process of sealing gaps surrounding your garage door.

    This is done to keep out the elements, minimize electricity expenses, and boost interior comfort.

    What Are The Benefits of Weather Stripping?

    Weatherstripping is used for a variety of purposes.

    Weatherstripping is a strategy to improve the overall insulation of your home while also protecting the interior of your garage from floods.

    When placed correctly, it may keep snow, rain, cold breeze, and pests out of the garage.

    Plus, the inside temperature and humidity can be better controlled with weatherstripping.

    Weatherstripping keeps cool air in throughout the summer months.

    On the other hand, it keeps rain and water out of your garage during the winter months while maintaining the inside’s warmth.

    Additionally, properly positioned weather stripping can considerably reduce the amount of energy lost.

    Thus, saving you money from electricity costs.

    Ultimately, with weather stipping, the bottom of your garage door will not rub against the pavement.

    This is beneficial to help prevent premature wear and tear of your door and floor.

    When compared to the long-term benefits of weatherstripping, the expense of installing or replacing it is quite affordable.

    Why Install Garage Door Weather Stripping?

    In the absence of weather stripping on a garage door, it is easy for water to flow through the door and into the garage, causing serious damage to individuals who use it as a storage space.

    In addition, no matter how highly insulated your garage door is, if there are openings around it, it will not provide the highest possible insulation.

    And since not all garage doors are exactly fitted in every home, there will always be some little spaces where water, breeze, and sound can flow through.

    Weather stripping, on the other hand, fits the garage door perfectly to the frame of your home.

    Hence, the need for garage door weather stripping installation.

    What Is the Procedure for Installing Weather Stripping on a Garage Door?

    The most common way to install weatherstripping is to use a saw to trim it to size.

    Because most garages are not exactly the same size, the weatherstripping must be fitted precisely to fill the entire opening.

    It must be hammered right in once the weatherstripping has been cut to size.

    Although the weather stripping can be nailed into the sides of the garage or to the ceiling, the garage floor will often be concrete, so a power tool is usually utilized.

    Remember that weather stripping cannot be installed using mere glue.

    It will not survive long and will be difficult to remove and replace.

    Any old weather stripping that is still in place is removed using a pry bar.

    Why Should Garage Door Weather Stripping Be Installed By An Expert?

    Although it appears to be a simple task, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

    If not properly aligned, the installation of weather stripping will be of no use.

    Thus, entrust weather stripping garage doors to us.

    At Silver Garage Doors, we deliver the best garage door repair and services.

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