Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors

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    Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors

    If you are tight on budget and have limited space, your best bet is the steel commercial roll-up sheet doors.

    Steel commercial roll-up sheet doors are inexpensive and take up little space.

    They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, unlike the overhead doors.

    They also provide excellent protection for your business.

    There are different types, sizes, and styles available.

    It is also categorized into light, medium, and heavy duty roll-up sheet doors.

    It all depends on where you’d use them.

    You can see roll-up sheet doors everywhere in the industry.

    Most large warehouses use roll-up sheet doors because they do not occupy too much overhead space.

    Common Parts of a Roll-Up Sheet Door

    Here are the basic parts of a roll-up sheet door.

    1. Panel Box – When the sheet doors are rotated up they stay here. It also houses the different mechanisms necessary for the roll-up door’s operation. Such as octagon tube/shaft, bearing adapter, motor, tension spring, and hanger.
    2. Slat – This is your actual door. Some call this the “curtain”. It can be galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. There are different thicknesses available depending on your preference. Additionally, you can paint it the way you want. Some companies put their company logo or name on the slat.
    3. Guide Rail – As the name implies, it guides the movement of the slats. Just like the tracks found on garage doors. Aside from guiding the slat, it also keeps your slat in place.
    4. End Rail – The end or bottom rail is angled steel that strengthens your slat. Some end rail is designed to have a lock on both sides.
    5. Operator – The brain of your roll-up sheet door. A powered box which is located on the side of your roll-up sheet door. It receives and sends the signal for the components to move. This is only available on electrical and automated roll-up sheet doors.

    You should try to familiarize the above-mentioned parts. These are the call points for maintenance and repair.

    Doing a regular preventive maintenance check could prolong the life of your roll-up sheet door.

    Maintaining and Repairing Roll-up Sheet Doors

    Steel commercial roll-up sheet doors are opened and closed many times in a day.

    That is why it needs to be properly maintained and immediate action must be taken on damaged parts.

    There are many benefits in doing preventive maintenance.

    If you like to know how to do it, call a garage door repair company near you.

    Leaving it to the professional is more favorable than doing it by yourself.

    They can identify the problem and repair it then and there.

    Most garage doors experience the same problems and the solutions are almost the same.

    Here are the most common problems that roll-up sheet doors undergo.

    Noisy Roll-up Sheet Door.

    The noise could be due to the torsion spring or the dirty guide rail.

    The torsion spring moves all the time and it carries the load of your whole roll-up sheet door.

    Lubricate or oil the tension spring if necessary.

    Furthermore, clean the guide rails of your roll-up sheet door. Over time dirt accumulates.

    Roll-up Sheel Door is Difficult to Open or Close.

    Having this kind of problem is so bothersome and is an issue of security. It can be fixed by adjusting the tension.

    If your roll-up sheet door is difficult to close but easy to open, the need to reduce the tension is apparent.

    On the other hand, if the roll-up sheet door is difficult to open but is easy to close, the tension must be increased.

    You can do this by rotating the tension wheel clockwise (increasing the tension) or counter clockwise (reducing the tension).

    If you have trouble doing it by yourself, call a commercial garage door repair near you.

    Damaged Slat.

    Your slat could have been hit by a moving vehicle or large object by accident.

    If this happens, your whole curtain or slat should be replaced.

    Damaged slat will be very hard to move.

    But do not worry installing a new slat is easy, all you need to do is call a garage door installer near you.

    These are a few of the problems that a roll-up sheet door encounters.

    If you face hard to deal problems, there are 24/7 garage door repairs available at your disposal.

    Call Silver Garage Door Repair

    If you are located here in Mississauga, you can depend on Silver Garage Door Repair.

    Silver Garage Door Repair offers maintenance, repair, and installation of steel commercial roll-up sheet doors.

    We are on standby 24/7 for any emergency garage door service that you need.

    Call us and we will be there.

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