How To Replace Garage Door Rollers And Hinges

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    How To Replace Garage Door Rollers And Hinges

    Garage doors provide us security and convenience.

    But when it shows signs of faulty functions or damages, it will likely ruin our day.

    Fortunately, some hardware damages are manageable with minor adjustments.

    But, when you know you’re no longer capable of handling the repairs, get help from the experts in Mississauga!

    Silver Garage Doors offers extensive and excellent services at an affordable price!

    We value your safety, that’s why we’ve prepared a wide selection of services for the residents in Mississauga.

    So, if you don’t know how to replace garage door rollers and hinges, our technical team is standing by to answer your call!

    Moreover, for the DIYers, allow us to show you a brief process on how you can replace your hardware’s broken parts.

    Replacement and Removal of the Rollers and Hinges

    The replacement process of a broken roller or hinges undergoes the same steps.

    The only distinct detail between them is the parts themselves.

    Technically, the rollers are locked into the panel’s tracks.

    By doing so, it helps the rollers from coming off the tracks.

    Meaning, you will not be able to replace the rollers without getting to the hinges first.

    Therefore, to be able to remove the rollers, we must remove the hinges before we can replace them.

    Before we proceed to the replacing process, let’s make sure to observe safety precautions such as

    • Turning off the opener by unplugging it from the power source
    • Make sure you have someone to assist you to do the replacement process
    • Gather the materials in one place where they can be seen or reached to easily

    Things you need

    • Newly purchased replacement rollers
    • Screwdriver with a flathead
    • A couple of clamps
    • Crowbar

    Replacing bottom rollers

    1. Make sure to open the door panel completely
    2. Hold or lock the garage door track in position using the clamp
    3. With the help of your handy tools, slightly bend the top portion of the track
    4. Once there’s an opening, you can now easily remove the old rollers
    5. Then, place the new replacement rollers into the track. Make sure there are four rollers inside the track.

    After removing and replacing the rollers, simply reverse the process done earlier.

    By doing so, just realign the bent track to its place.

    Replacing top rollers

    1. Open the door panel completely
    2. Lock the door panel in place using the clamps
    3. Locate the middle portion of the track then slightly bend to facilitate the removal of the rollers
    4. Then, remove the old rollers and replace them with new ones.
    5. Realign the track by simply reversing the process done earlier

    Once the replacement process is done, make sure the tracks are in place.

    Then, plug your opener back.

    Secure and Tighten the Components

    If you think the tracks are tight, loosen the bolts enough to facilitate the panel to slide up and down the tracks.

    Secure the moving parts including the screws and bolts that are not too loose including the garage door track.

    Considering the function of the garage door, vibration may loosen the screws.

    As a result, it may cause blockage to the tracks later on.

    Bottom Line

    Learning the process and doing the repairs are two different things.

    Basically, you have to learn the steps to successfully do the actual repairs.

    The good thing is there are preventive measures that you can do without the supervision of a skilled technician.

    By starting on the minor repairs and replacement, it will help you achieve major repairs in the future.

    Moreover, it’s highly recommended to call for technical support to keep you and your family safe.

    Considering the weight of the panel and its intricate details, it will take time for you to get your way out of the process.

    Therefore, know when to do the repairs and learn how to call for technical assistance.

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