How To Replace A Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring in Mississauga

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    How To Replace A Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring in Mississauga

    We are all aware of the risks and dangers of a faulty garage door especially when it comes to a broken torsion spring.

    While there are garage door issues that can be resolved with a simple tweak and troubleshooting–that’s not the case with a broken torsion spring.

    Bear in mind that a torsion spring can carry a 400-pound door panel.

    The magnitude of the force the spring produces is unimaginable thus the need to ask for technical assistance from a reliable garage door specialist.

    Don’t hesitate to call your friendly garage door service provider for approachable garage door maintenance and other services in Mississauga

    Silver Garage Door Repair offers fast same-day services to get your door panel up and fully-functional in no time.

    Safety Precautions

    Replacing a broken overhead door torsion spring entails safety risk–therefore, proceed with caution.

    Before you get started, make sure to follow the necessary steps for your safety.

    • Disconnect the door panel from the opener by pulling the emergency button
    • Clamp the garage door to the tracks

    Make sure to follow these steps to avoid accidents when the tension on the springs is released.

    Tools Required

    • Set of clamps
    • Cordless drill
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Hammer
    • Pair of pliers
    • Rags
    • Ratchet/socket set
    • Winding bars
    • Ladder
    • Safety glasses and a pair of leather gloves

    Steps on How to Repair A Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

    1. Place your ladder where you can easily see the winding cone which is located at the end of the spring
    2. Once you’re up, insert the winding bar to the cone to hold the spring in place.
    3. Push the winding bar about ¼ turn then bring it down–to test the force of the spring that you will be working with
    4. Loosen the screw once you’re satisfied with the grip of the winding bar
    5. Make sure to keep one bar at a time to avoid injuring yourself
    6. At the top of the door panel, lower the winding bar then insert the next winding bar
    7. Then, remove the first bar while lowering the second bar placed at the top of the door panel.
    8. Repeat the process from steps #6 and #7 until you have completely unwound the spring.
    9. Then, remove the torsion hardware (which is responsible for securing the stationary cones at the center) going to the bracket (spring)
    10. Remove the following, cables, cable drums, springs

    Take note in determining the winding orientation of the torsion spring whether it is right-wound or left-wound.

    Make sure to buy a new pair of spring that matches the old set of your broken torsion springs such as size, type, and the wound or orientation

    Installing the New Set of Torsion Spring

    1. Insert the new set of (left) spring into the tube – make sure the stationary cone is in front of the center bracket
    2. Then, start reinstalling the cable drum, the center bearing, and the new set of (right) torsion springs–make sure to secure the stationary cone.

    Tighten and Secure the Components

    1. Secure the cables and drums
    2. Make sure the tension on both springs is even for a balanced opening
    3. Wind the spring using the winding bars going in the opposite direction
    4. Make sure one of the winding bars is facing the winding cone
    5. Wind the springs as suppliers recommendation
    6. Stretch the spring one-quarter (¼) out by gently tapping it with the use of a hammer
    7. Secure the winding cone by tightening the set of screws
    8. Then, lubricate the spring as necessary and remove the clamps

    Test the Hardware

    Lift the door panel about 3 feet above the ground to test the spring.

    If the door panel remained in its place, the replacement is successful.

    Otherwise, you need to adjust by slowly turning the spring until the door panel will remain open without assistance.

    Adjust accordingly until the door panel will remain in its place.

    Prompt Garage Door Repair Services in Mississauga

    For a slick garage door performance–call a reliable professional garage door specialist in Mississauga for technical support.

    Don’t stress yourself over the time-consuming and tedious garage door repairs.

    When it comes to broken garage door parts, replacements, installations, and maintenance – Silver Garage Door Repair provides solutions to all your garage door problems.

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