How To Replace Bottom Garage Door Panel

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    How To Replace Bottom Garage Door Panel

    How To Replace Bottom Garage Door Panel

    The bottom part of the hardware often receives the most substantial amount of damages.

    Anatomically, it’s the closest to the ground that can be easily kicked at, bumped into, and can even be flooded, too.

    If the bottom panel is severely damaged, critters and other pests can get into the garage.

    This occurrence may cause further damage not just to the hardware but as well as the valuable items inside the garage.

    Thankfully, with today’s wide selection of tools and other hardware, replacing the bottom panel can be effortless.

    Moreover, if you think you don’t have the time and simply want to get it fixed right away – call us!

    Silver Garage Doors promptly respond to all your emergency repairs and services anywhere in Mississauga!

    For others that is keen on DIYs and want to replace the panel, check out the basic steps in replacing the bottom panel.

    When Should I Replace the Bottom Panel?

    Owing to the hardware’s function and exposure to inclement weather, it will deteriorate over time.

    Therefore, if you see the hardware requires maintenance, repairs, or replacements, then do so without delay.

    We are responsible for the safety of our family around our heavyweight hardware.

    So, call for technical support if you deem it necessary.

    And in preserving our hardware’s seamless condition, let’s not ignore its preventive maintenance needs.

    Easy-To-Follow Steps of Panel Replacement

    Gather your tools and new replacement around your working station.

    Then, remove any valuable items of objects to avoid causing damages.

    Replacing and installation of the panel does not require any fancy tools.

    All you need is the most basic screwdriver, a vise grip, tape measure, and electric drill.

    First, identify what is the make and model of the hardware.

    You can either go personally to the store or have it shipped to your residence.

    Make sure to secure the correct model name and number of the hardware.

    For older models, you may need to call for technical support.

    • Step #1. Disconnect the opener from the power source. To prevent unnecessary accidents or hitting the switch.
    • Step #2. Loosen the screws to remove the bottom panel. Make sure to remember their placements for the next step.
    • Step #3. Reattach or install the new replacement.
    • Step #4. If you don’t find the mismatched colors between the older panels and the new replacement, you can have it refinished.

    While this may be applicable for single bay garage doors, you might need to call for complex replacements.

    We recommend calling for technical support to avoid unnecessary injuries or serious accidents.

    Any garage door mishap entails safety issues considering the hardware’s composition.

    For your safety, know when to delegate the repairs and installations.

    Costs for Replacement Service

    The services will depend on the extent of the damage.

    Some replacement may require replacing 2 panels or the entire hardware.

    Or, the hardware may only need to fix the dented areas.

    That’s why it’s necessary to connect with a trusted service provider so you will be provided with the necessary information.

    We assure you that our technicians will give your hardware a thorough assessment to identify the damages accordingly.

    We always serve the best interests of our valued customers.

    Talk to us so we can fix your broken garage door panel today!

    Bottom Line

    DIY skills are commendable.

    However, we should keep in mind to weigh things out before moving on to the project and do the repairs yourself.

    Take a look at the whole perspective of the project from a DIY cost and professional’s fee.

    Also, check the quality of your repair over a professional technician.

    Is it worth compromising? If not, then know how to delegate the project accordingly.

    Compromising our family and the people around our garage with faulty hardware is never a good idea.

    When it comes to garage doors, you need to make sure that your hardware is secured.

    Considering the overhead door’s technical specifications, you don’t want it to crash on a vulnerable individual.

    Although the issue may seem simple and manageable for DIY repairs, some problems are masking serious underlying issues.

    Call for an expert’s help when it comes to your garage doors.

    We stand by to respond to your emergency repair needs.

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