How To Open Garage Door Manually

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    How To Open Garage Door Manually

    Many homeowners rely on the ease of using the garage door as their main exit and entrance since they use the garage as a carport.

    However, there are instances that the garage door will not function due to a power outage or the motor unit has underlying issues.

    Thus, the need to open the garage door manually so that you will still be able to go on with your daily activities.

    But, leaving a malfunctioning garage door will make you vulnerable to illicit activities.

    In case you’re in a predicament situation, call a trustworthy garage door repairman that provides prompt same-day garage door repairs in Mississauga.

    Furthermore, if you’re on your way to an important meeting while the power outage occurs at the same time – learn how to open the garage door manually.

    Gear up and be in control

    When the inevitable occurrences such as a power outage will happen in the middle of your busy day – learn how to troubleshoot the garage door manually so you can go on your merry way.

    First, learn the safety tips to manually open the garage door through the following:

    • Remove or unplug your automatic door opener
    • Avoid pulling the emergency release while the door panel is open
    • DO NOT LEAVE an open garage door panel unattended
    • Use the garage door’s manual lock
    • Watch out for other issues
    • If you can’t manually open the door panel–call the garage door technician

    After identifying what are do’s and don’ts of manually opening the garage door – let’s learn how to open the door panel from the inside and manually opening it from the outside.

    Manually opening the garage door from the inside

    • Unlock the garage door. Check for latches or locks to avoid any interference while you’re unlocking the garage door.
    • Disconnect or unplug the automatic garage door opener
    • Look for the emergency release cord. The release cord is a red little-flag-like that has a handle and hangs freely at the center rail of the garage door track.
      Once you have located the emergency release cord – pull it down. Since the cord is attached directly to the trolley – it should disconnect the door panel from the trolley.
    • Take note–only release the emergency release handle when the overhead door panel is closed.
    • Once the door panel is disconnected from the trolley – you will be able to manually move the garage door.
    • Pull the panel all the way until the door will stop moving and make sure it will stay in place until you’re done backing your car out of the garage.
    • Don’t forget to close the door panel by hand manually.
    • If your garage door has a lock bar–slide to lock.

    Opening the garage door manually from the outside

    • Look for the emergency release kit–usually located at the centered top of the door panel. Once you’ve located the kit, you will find a small lock.
    • The lock stores the emergency release cable and there should be a corresponding key.
    • Using the key, pull out the lock tumbler to reveal the cable.
    • Next, use the cord to trigger the emergency release mechanism to put your door panel in manual mode.
    • Then, lower the emergency release kit.
    • Look for a lock close to the handle that keeps itself closed. Using your key, turn the hand into a vertical position.
    • Then, pull the garage door panel all the way – make sure it stays open until you’re able to get your car inside the garage.
    • Once you’re inside, don’t forget to close the door all the way down.


    In case of situations such as a power outage, it’s good to know that you can manually open the garage door to continue your daily activities.

    A malfunctioning garage door is trouble itself – how much more when you can’t open them.

    Learn these simple troubleshooting tips by heart for when a power outage will occur–you will still be able to exit from the garage.

    Fast Same-Day Garage Door Repairs in Mississauga

    Whether you’re caught in the middle of a power outage or in a predicament situation that makes it difficult to open the garage door – call Silver Garage Door Repair at any time of the day.

    We assure you that our team of garage door specialists stands by to accommodate all your garage door issues 24/7.

    You can also depend on us for emergency garage door repairs to keep your door up and moving to keep you safe and secure.

    Feel free to call Silver Garage Door Repair for all your repair needs – we promise; we deliver fast and efficient solutions.

    We hope you enjoyed the above article titled How To Open Garage Door Manually. For more great articles such as “How To Open Garage Door Manually”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Mississauga Silver.

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