How to Fix A Broken Garage Door Opener Chain in Mississauga

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    How to Fix A Broken Garage Door Opener Chain in Mississauga

    For many generations, we rely on a garage door opener chain to conveniently open the door panel for us.

    Moreover, after decades past, many homeowners or establishments still rely on the convenience of a garage door chain opener.

    Because maintenance-wise, the chain opener is affordable.

    However, a garage door chain opener requires regular adjustments and other routine maintenance.

    Since the chain opener is prone to rust and other detrimental elements that deteriorate the hardware’s overall health over time.

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    What Is A Garage Door Opener Chain?

    A garage door opener chain uses a piece of metal chain to open the door panel.

    Technically, the chain opener works by moving the metal parts and gears together.

    The chain is attached to the tension springs which are responsible for lifting the door panel up and down.

    Many homeowners and even commercial establishments opt for chain drive for affordability and availability on the market.

    Furthermore, a chain drive is stronger than a belt drive.

    However, if you’re fond of lesser noise during operation, a chain drive opener is not recommended for you.

    Tips on How to Fix A Broken Garage Door Opener Chain

    Before attempting to fix the broken garage door chain opener, make sure that you have a clear understanding of the underlying issues and gather all the necessary tools.

    Also, keep in mind that anything related to broken garage door parts or components comes with a safety risk.

    Always give precedence to your safety when you attempt to fix your garage door.

    Assess, Inspect, and Diagnose Accordingly

    Do the necessary steps before you attempt to mend the broken chain drive to know the underlying issue.

    • First, open and close the door panel a few times and assess the movements or mechanism.
    • If the door panel is stuck mid-operation–most probably the chain opener or motor is the problem.
    • However, to properly diagnose and narrow down the root of the problem–unplug the motor and close the door panel.
    • Then, look for visible rust or corrosion.
    • Inspect the chain opener’s carriage carefully if the components are in good condition such as the bolts and nuts.
    • Lastly, check the motor for fray wirings. Otherwise, make sure it provides or generates a power supply to open and close the door panel.

    Once you have narrowed down the possible problems, here’s an easier follow-through instruction video on how to fix your broken garage door opener chain, get the instructions from here.

    Routine Garage Door Chain Opener Maintenance

    For the most part, a broken chain drive usually stems from neglected routine maintenance.

    To avoid emergency repairs and replacements, follow the necessary routine maintenance checklist.

    • Lubricate the chain opener especially on the area with corrosion build-up.
    • If the chain drive is corroded heavily, remove or detach the chain. Then, place it in a tub of lubricant for a few hours or as necessary.
    • After a few hours, wipe off the excess lubricant on the chain with a towel.
    • Since the chain is visibly corroded, inspect the carriage assembly as well. Wipe off or soak the lubricant on the corroded area for a few hours.
    • Tighten the loose chains to lessen the noise they produce during operation.

    Once you’re done inspecting the overall assembly of your garage door chain opener and assemble, check its entire mechanism to make sure everything is in its place and adjust accordingly.


    To avoid any major broken parts on your hardware, always give time to check on your garage door.

    Many homeowners rely heavily on the convenience of garage doors and disregard the thought of providing its necessities, routine maintenance.

    Garage doors keep the entire family safe and secure throughout the night and even if you’re away from home.

    Therefore, give it the proper care and maintenance it deserves.

    Prompt Garage Door Repair Services in Mississauga

    For a slick garage door opener chain operation, call a trustworthy professional garage door repairman in Mississauga.

    When it comes to broken garage door parts, replacements, installations, and maintenance, Silver Garage Door Repair can resolve all your garage door issues.

    Feel free to call us for prompt same-day garage door services in Mississauga.

    Our team of garage door specialists is at your disposal at any time.

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