Garage Motor Not Working

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    Garage Motor Not Working

    Garage Motor Not Working

    Imagine coming to pick up the company supplies after a long drive of going back and forth from different suppliers.

    When you arrive back at the company warehouse, you’re faced with a faulty garage door opener that fails to open up no matter how many tries have been made.

    Just like an ordinary household garage door, the warehouse garage door can also experience the same issues that garage doors undergo after how many usages.

    One thing that’s responsible for this issue could be because of a garage motor not working correctly.

    Many factors could drive a motor unit to malfunction in the long run.

    If properly maintained, the garage door might work even exactly as its expected average lifespan of ten to fifteen.

    How does one know the signs of a garage motor not working properly?

    Before calling the nearest garage door repair, below are some signs the garage motor is not working the way it should and what can be done to fix the problem.

    1 The Garage Door Opens But Closes Immediately

    Does the garage door open halfway, get stuck, and then go back to its closing function?

    Automatic garage doors tend to have this type of problem once in a while, which could mean that one of its sensors isn’t working effectively or that its sensors may be misaligned.

    To fix this problem, grab the garage door manual and check for further instructions regarding the sensors.

    These garage door sensors are connected to the garage door motor since the motor unit is responsible for making the garage assemble function.

    If the sensors work after doing an inspection check or by cleaning the built-up dirt on its lenses, then it’s okay.

    However, when the sensors remain faulty as usual, then it might be the motor unit’s issue.

    2 A Noisy Garage Door

    The latest technology on automatic garage doors comes with an ultra-silent motor unit.

    Unlike the old times, homeowners wouldn’t have to worry about manually opening and closing their garage doors.

    This is because of an automatic garage door opener.

    However, when the garage door makes many unnecessary noises that may seem irritating to the ear, that is a sign that the garage door might have a problem.

    Inspect the garage door tracks and rollers and see if there has been a misalignment or a loose screw.

    Also, check for built-up rusts on these tracks, as rust may be the leading problem to the annoying noises whenever homeowners try to open or close their garage doors.

    If the noise remains after all these are done, listen carefully to the garage door’s motor unit.

    The creaking, rattling, and squeaking noises may come from worn-out gears inside the motor.

    To check the motor unit’s status, unplug it from the power supply, then open the motor unit and inspect gears, chains, and belt condition inside the unit.

    If the condition is in a bad state, the possible solution is to replace it immediately.

    3 Does Not Respond To Remote

    Along with the latest technology wired in most automatic garage doors comes a remote control that makes life easy for the simple homeowner.

    However, it’s not all the time that the remote can be of fair use.

    Another common issue that most garage door owners face is the garage door not responding immediately to the remote.

    Some might say that a simple battery replacement could solve the problem.

    It’s true, but it’s not guaranteed most of the time.

    Check the garage door manual if it still does not work even after having the batteries replaced.

    It could also mean that the sensors are misaligned or are blocked by dirt on its lenses.

    If the sensors are not the problem, then it could be the motor unit.

    Ultimately, calling a professional is the recommended advice by most.

    The repair cost would depend on the company.

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