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    Garage Door Parts

    Garage doors have been part of many homes and even businesses.

    These overhead doors protect and secure our cars, products, and other valuable things inside the garage.

    Garage doors have helped us in making our life a lot easier.

    So we must ensure that it is well maintained and repaired.

    To do so, we must know each part of the garage door and its functions.

    Knowing each part of the garage door will be of great help to a garage door repair company.

    You can easily tell them the problem when you call for an emergency garage door service.

    And with that, they can bring the right tools and spare parts in case it needs replacement.

    Components and Its Function

    Problem identification could be easy by familiarizing these common garage door parts.

    Here are the most common garage door parts.


    It has two parts: the horizontal track and the vertical track.

    These two tracks are connected in an L shape wherein the corner is curved.

    The vertical track runs from the bottom to the top of your garage door.

    Then it curves up and runs on a straight line which forms as the horizontal track.

    The track should be inline because it serves as a guide for the roller.


    Rollers are small wheels that are attached to either side of your garage door.

    They travel along the track.

    With the rollers the up and down movement of your garage door is easy.

    Check for dirt build-up from time to time.

    They can cause rusting and will hinder the performance of the rollers. Lubricate if necessary.

    Torsion Spring

    You can find these on the upper part of the garage door.

    Spring helps in minimizing the weight of an overhead door.

    It also makes the movement of the garage door easy.

    If problems occur call a garage door repair company near you.

    Torsion spring repair needs a professional expert.


    Pulleys are responsible for the cable movement.

    These are attached to a shaft and are placed at the upper part of the garage door alongside the torsion spring.


    Cables are attached to the pulley and the bottom of the door.

    With the movement of the pulleys, the cable lifts the door.

    Overtime cable may be frayed, if you notice this call a commercial garage door repair near you.

    Door Opener

    It is the brain of your garage door.

    It is a powered box located at the center of the ceiling.

    As soon as the door opener receives a signal either from the remote or switch, it triggers the motor to set the components in motion.

    Photo-Eye Sensors

    These are placed at the wall at the bottom of each side of the garage door.

    Photo-eye sensors detect obstructions and prevent the door from closing.

    The sensor must be aligned with each other and the lens must be clean for best detection.


    Hinges are attached to your garage door panels.

    They are responsible for the folding and movement of your garage door panels.

    Lubricate if needed to smoothen the movement of your garage door panels.


    This is basically the door to your garage.

    Door panels come in different materials such as aluminum, wood, and fiberglass.

    They secure and protect your valuable things inside the garage.

    So you must ensure that there are no holes or cracks on the panels.

    Not all garage doors are created equal; they may vary in designs and styles.

    For parts that are not stated above, you may refer to the manual that has been given by your garage door installer.

    Maintenance and Repair

    Now that you can identify the common parts of a garage door, maintaining and repairing could be easy.

    You can do a regular visual check on these garage door parts; cable, pulley, torsion spring, track, rollers, hinges, and the door balance.

    Sooner or later these parts will undergo wear and tear due to their daily usage.

    There are repairs that you can do by yourself and some that need professional expertise.

    Do not fret. Silver Garage Door Repair will help you with the repair and parts replacement of your garage door.

    Here at Silver Garage Door repair, you can count on us for garage door installation, cable repair, spring replacement, and many more.

    We offer 24/7 garage door repair. You can trust us with whatever your garage door needs.

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