Types Of Roll Up Garage Doors

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    Types Of Roll Up Garage Doors

    Just like the regular mechanical door, the roll-up garage door moves down and in an upward motion.

    The only distinct mechanical details of one particular roll-up door are the absence of cables, tracks, wheels, and hinges.

    Apart from that, a roll-up door does not require wide headroom since it rolls in a single-coil when prompted.

    Meaning, this hardware is convenient for a garage with limited space or concession stands.

    And in the absence of mechanical components, this hardware requires lesser maintenance expenses.

    So, if you’re looking to get one for your storefront, storage room, or however you need it, talk to the professionals!

    Roll-up doors come in different mechanisms and styles.

    Silver Garage Doors offers a wide selection of high-quality types of roll-up garage doors in Mississauga!

    Talk to us so we can help you choose the best hardware that suits your needs.

    Here are the two main common types of roll-up doors available in the market.

    1. Sectional Roll-Up Doors

    A sectional roll-up door comes with a compact design and is commonly used in residential properties.

    This hardware comes in a single panel or interlocking slats.

    When retracted, the hardware technically floats up and lays vertically in the ceiling.

    That’s because the rolling steel door’s track is mounted on the structure of the roof.

    This type of roll-up door is versatile where you can install insulation and other additional hardware that fits your needs.

    2. Rolling Sheet Doors

    This hardware has a distinct corrugated sheet that roll-ups in a single compact coil when retracted.

    The roll-up sheet door is widely used in commercial buildings or industrial facilities because of its durability.

    Aside from the hardware’s durability, it also comes with enhanced safety features such as preventing fires from spreading.

    Furthermore, the hardware requires lesser maintenance cost since it does not run on tracks and has no rollers.

    Style and Colors

    The roll-up garage door is one of the most versatile types of hardware that serves your unique needs.

    Also, you can personalize its colors and add some additional hardware to your liking.

    But every customization comes with additional cost.

    One of the reasons why roll-up doors are a staple in industrial facilities is because it’s covered with polyester paint.

    This type of paint provides excellent coverage against rust or corrosion.

    So, if you want to achieve the best door that fits your needs, connect with us today!

    We have different types of roll-up garage doors and premium services that await you!

    What are the Advantages of Roll Up Doors?

    Aside from its enhanced security and safety features, a roll-up door offers multiple benefits to your advantage.

    • Ease of use. A roll-up garage door is more convenient and lightweight than its regular overhead door counterpart.
    • Highly space-saving hardware. It’s highly commendable for residents with limited garage space, concession stands, or retail storefronts.
    • Robust and highly resilient. That’s why roll-up doors are ideal for commercial spaces for their durability.
    • Low maintenance. With its composition, this hardware is ideal for owners that are not keen on spending on maintenance.
    • However, to keep the hardware seamless, don’t disregard the upkeep needs to avoid expensive repairs.
    • Cost-efficient and cheap There are two differing views when it comes to the upfront cost of the hardware and lifetime maintenance cost. So, we highly encourage you to give us a call so we can provide you the necessary details.
    • Enhanced security and safety features. We have mentioned earlier about the hardware’s durability.

    Moreover, the hardware is also resistant to all types of inclement weather, intruders, and even fires.

    In preserving the hardware’s seamless and working condition, owners should be responsible for providing it with upkeep.

    Our hardware’s condition will still rely on our consistency in giving them the proper care it needs.

    Bottom Line

    You can easily find any mechanical door online.

    It comes with different designs, colors, materials, mechanisms, and more.

    Indeed, choosing the best door that will suit your needs can be overwhelming.

    And in choosing a roll-up door, you have to consider some valuable factors.

    Fortunately, with a reliable service provider nearby, you can confidently decide given our expertise and professional advice.

    So, when you find it hard to replace your hardware, give us a call right away! Secure your property and your business with us!

    For a seamless and highly functional garage door, give it regular preventive maintenance today!

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