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    New Garage Door Installation Mississauga

    Looking to replace your aging or warped door panel? Perhaps, wanting to buy a well-insulated garage door for an additional curb appeal?

    Silver Garage Doors specializes in all sorts of new garage door installations in Mississauga! We offer a range of garage door panels with premium quality materials.

    Simply give us a call and our expert technician will provide you the best quality that fits your style and budget.

    We deeply understand your wants and needs when it comes to mechanical doors.

    So, don’t hesitate to give us a call and talk to us about what you’re looking for in a garage door.

    We assure you that we will guide you every step of the way until you’ll achieve your most coveted hardware.

    Our line is open 24/7 to answer all your inquiries.

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    Best Seller Garage Doors

    With today’s wide selection of overhead doors, you can easily find the right hardware for your garage.

    But, before you buy the one that fits your style and budget, first, know what are the pros and cons of each component.

    If you can’t seem to decide which one to choose, let our expert technician walk you through the process.

    Whether it’s for a single bay or double car garage, here are the top 3 superb materials of garage doors.

    1. Steel Garage Door

    If you’re looking for a hardy component with fewer expenses on maintenance, a steel garage door may be for you.

    The steel garage door places the top spot as the most durable component among the other types.

    And if you have the extra budget, you can have the hardware insulated.

    The only downside about this hardware is that it dents and corrodes easily.

    Therefore, you need to be extra careful around a steel garage door to avoid unnecessary damages.

    In case there’s the presence of dents or tears, you need to fix it right away to prevent rust from building up.

    2. Wooden Garage Door

    Aesthetic-wise, a wooden garage door offers an array of options that can improve the curb appeal of any residence.

    Although it’s composed of layers of wood or plies, this hardware is highly susceptible to external harmful elements.

    Therefore, it requires you to spend on regular preventive maintenance to keep it intact and stylish.

    Aside from the expensive upkeep, the wooden hardware alone can be quite pricey.

    Moreover, if you’re after the traditional look and have the means to pay for its maintenance – call us for an installation today!

    3. Aluminum Garage Door

    The aluminum garage door is composed of translucent panels fitted in an aluminum frame.

    Although it eliminates rust build-up, it is also prone to dents and tears.

    Moreover, if you’re after enhancing your home’s curb appeal, this hardware lives up to its name.

    So, if you want to install this hardware, simply let the entire household be extra careful around the garage.

    Common Reasons for Garage Door Replacement

    Whether you’re enhancing the curb appeal or the hardware is worn out, leave the installation to the experts in Mississauga!

    Moreover, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why you need to get your hardware replaced.

    • The hardware is becoming noisy and shakes heavily. To prevent unnecessary injuries or accidents, a compromised door entails safety issues.
    • The garage door is rotten and old. Aging hardware prompts regular preventive maintenance and can be quite too much to handle.
    • Wants to increase your curb appeal. Dents or damages can hurt your property’s value.
    • Spiking energy bill. Perhaps you want to replace the door panel with well-insulated hardware to save on energy consumption.

    Before we proceed with the installations, we will make sure that you chose the right garage door.

    Our technicians will assess and provide you the necessary information for you to decide which best suits your garage.

    Moreover, we will always go for our client’s decision.

    Trusted Expert Installer in Mississauga

    Get your hardware replaced and installed by an expert technician in Mississauga!

    We have a wide selection of garage doors that can fit your style and budget.

    When your hardware shows any signs of damage, do not delay the repairs.

    Simply leave us a message or call us directly so we can answer your inquiries right away!

    Book us anytime for routine maintenance.

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