How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

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    How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

    Rattling or squeaking noise is one thing that every homeowner dreads as it produces an irritating sound that might cause disturbances around the neighborhood.

    Minor garage door mishaps can be prevented when you provide routine maintenance to your garage door.

    As your garage door ages, its mechanism will wear out, losing its grease for slick operations.

    Additionally, when you do regular maintenance it will prevent serious damages to your hardware and expensive repairs in the future.

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    Different noise — different issue

    Do you know that each disturbing sound your garage door produces comes with different issues? Here’s how to identify the possible garage door issues with the noise it produces:

    • Rattling sound. The issue could be improper installation, loose bolts or nuts, poorly lubricated, or the door is unbalanced
    • Banging or scraping sound. The main issue with the banging or scraping sound is the overhead door panel is unbalanced
    • Popping noise. Issues with torsion springs
    • Squeaking or squealing noise. When the door panel produces a squeaking sound, your rollers or hinges are loose, poorly lubricated, or the panel is unbalanced
    • Rubbing sound. This sound can result in serious damage if you continue to ignore it as it leads to bent, tight, or jammed garage door tracks
    • Grinding sound. Improper installation of the hardware, the trolley or opener gear has stripped out

    If you can’t identify what type of disturbing sound your garage door produces, let the experts know and call your nearby garage door repairman in Mississauga for proper diagnoses and prompt repairs.

    Tips on How to Troubleshoot A Noisy Garage Door

    As we all know, garage doors are exposed to daily wearing due to daily use and prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions.

    However, with regular maintenance – minor mishaps and major repairs can be prevented.

    Although there are instances that your garage door will malfunction and requires minor repairs – generally, with routine preventive care, it will last longer than its life span.

    Listed below are the following routine maintenance tips you can do without the professional’s assistance.

    Tighten the hardware’s bolts and nuts

    Using your handy tools such as socket set or wrench, look closely at the loose bolts and nuts – and tighten accordingly.

    Due to the garage door’s mechanism such as the motion or vibration, these are some of the main culprits that will loosen your garage door’s components.

    Over time, it will cause your garage door to produce unusual sounds.

    Lubricate as necessary

    Check your hardware’s moving parts and lubricate as necessary.

    If you use the garage door as your main exit and entrance, it will lose its grease eventually.

    So, depending on the frequency and the door’s age, lubricating the hardware increases slick performance and eliminates disturbing noise.

    Replace the hardware’s moving parts as needed

    In case the noise is still present even after you lubricate or tighten the loose bolts or nuts–refer to the nearest garage door repairman for proper diagnoses.

    When you hire a professional repairman, they will be able to provide you fast and efficient solutions to all your garage door problems.


    There are various reasons as to why our garage door will malfunction or will no longer function as is used to, especially if you neglect to provide it with routine maintenance.

    Additionally, with age and frequency of use, it will lose its grease and the hardware’s components will wear out over time.

    Therefore, despite your busy lifestyle, always give precedence to your garage door’s needs such as preventive care and maintenance.

    A fully functional garage door will undoubtedly provide and enhance the overall security within your property.

    24/7 Garage Door Repairman in Mississauga

    Routine maintenance or preventive care is the best method to avoid minor and even serious garage door issues.

    With regular maintenance, it will extend your garage door’s life span

    is the best method to avoid issues on your garage door.

    Not only will you save your ears from a noisy garage door, but it will also help you avoid costly repairs.

    If lubricating and tightening the parts don’t work, a replacement is the best solution.

    You can also ask a professional what should be done about your noisy garage door.

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