How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks DIY

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    How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks DIY

    How to adjust garage door tracks? Watch this video

    The tracks are one of the most basic garage door parts. It has a vertical and horizontal section.

    The vertical section is the one located on the sides of your garage door while the horizontal section is found near the ceiling.

    The whole track looks like an L shape with a curved corner that is facing the floor.

    Tracks are rollers path or guide when it opens and closes.

    It should be straight to allow smooth movements for the rollers.

    You can identify a misaligned garage door track when you hear grinding noise when you close or open it.

    And gaps can be seen between your roller and track.

    With these, you will have trouble opening or closing your garage door.

    Further damage could happen if those signs are left untended.

    And this will be a security issue. You don’t want that to happen.

    An adequate knowledge can help you in fixing your garage door tracks.

    Be sure to have the necessary tools needed for repair.

    Above all, regular preventive maintenance can help your tracks to be in their top condition.

    Always check for dirt build-up, this could be an obstruction to your rollers. Apply lubricants if necessary.

    Causes for Garage Door Track Misalignment

    Having a troublesome garage door track is bothersome.

    It can cause difficulty in opening or closing your garage door.

    It can also produce grating noise which can be irritating.

    Misaligned or damaged garage door tracks can cause your roller to be off track. And this is very dangerous.

    We would like to avoid it from happening.

    You can prevent this if you can identify the cause of it.

    Here are the likely causes of your garage door track misalignment.

    Wear and Tear. Overhead doors are opened and closed multiple times in a day.

    And over a long period, your track will experience wear and tear.

    If not satisfactorily maintained the shelf life of your garage door could be shortened.

    A simple fix could not save your garage door anymore and you might need a new garage door installation.

    It Got Hit by a Large Object. Even though your tracks are placed on the sides of your garage door, there are times that it will be hit by a large object.

    The tracks could have been hit during the in-and-out of your things in the garage.

    Or when you are driving out of your garage, you accidentally bumped the track causing it to be warped.

    How To Fix Your Garage Door Tracks

    If you’re the type of person that wants to do-it-yourself, here’s what you can do to adjust your garage door tracks.

    Before starting any job, think of your safety and prepare the right tools needed.

    Garage doors are very heavy. Make sure to keep it closed while working to prevent an unwanted injury.

    And If your garage door needs to be opened will work, ensure that it is secured from falling.

    Now, loosen the screws of your track brackets by using a hinge socket wrench.

    Then, get a rubber mallet. Tap the part of the track that needs repositioning.

    Use a leveler to ensure that your track is straightened.

    Once you have achieved the proper position of your track, tighten the loose screws of your track brackets with the use of your hinge socket wrench.

    Do this for both sides of your track. This will guarantee the balance of your garage door.

    Here’s a short clip that can help you on how to adjust your garage door tracks.

    If you still find your garage door tracks misaligned or damaged, you can rely on Silver Garage Door Repair.

    Garage Door Track Replacement

    If your garage door track is not properly fixed, a simple garage door track alignment could lead to a garage door track replacement.

    It is best to call the experts to accurately do the repairs.

    Here at Silver Garage Door Repair, you can leave the matter to us.

    We can fix your garage door track quickly.

    If your garage door track is beyond repairing and needs replacement, you can trust the Silver Garage door to do it for you.

    Silver Garage Door Repair offers 24/7 garage door repair.

    And we also have emergency garage door services here in Mississauga.

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