Garage Door Off Track Repair in Mississauga

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    Garage Door Off Track Repair in Mississauga

    Have you noticed lately that your garage door panel is not functioning properly?

    As the mechanism of the garage door requires frequent movement, bents and off-track door panels are two of the most common scenarios that will greet you in the morning.

    However, with proper care and regular maintenance, you’re assured of a slick operation at any time of the day.

    Furthermore, if you’re experiencing a malfunctioning garage door, entrust all your garage door repairs to Silver Garage Door Repair in Mississauga.

    How to Repair A Broken Garage Door Track

    One of the most common scenarios in a residence with a garage door is a bent or off-track door panel.

    Even though it looks like it only needs quick-fix or simple repairs, anything that is involved with a garage door is not that simple.

    Not only that, a broken overhead door panel can cause major interruptions to your routine.

    So, if you insist on repairing the off-track garage door by yourself, here’s a quick guide to placing it back on its track.

    Tools required in fixing off-track garage door panel

    First, gather all the necessary tools to avoid going in and out of your repair station.

    By gathering the tools required in one place, it will save you valuable time and energy.

    • Pliers and Locking pliers
    • Wooden or Rubber mallet

    Steps in DIY garage door off-track repair

    Performing the garage door off-track repair requires more than just your trusted-handy tools.

    To successfully conduct and execute the repair, you need to ask one person to assist you throughout the task.

    Your safety and security should always come first.

    1. Before you begin the DIY off-track repair–first, disconnect your opener by checking the overhead for a rope connected to the opener going to the door.
    2. Next, pull or disconnect the rope to release the opener from the door.
    3. Make sure the door panel is completely disconnected by opening the door.
      Be warned–you need another person to help you carry out this task as the door panel is physically heavy without the door opener.
    4. Once the door panel is open–you can now locate the jammed rollers or off-track wheels.
      If you’re not able to locate the jammed rollers, close the panel and open it again–do the same process until it’s located.
      Locating the off-track rollers is the most challenging task throughout the repairs, thus requiring technical assistance.
    5. Once you have spotted the jammed wheels–use the locking pliers and place them at the off-track area directly.
    6. Place the rollers back to their proper spot by opening and closing the track.
    7. Using your rubber mallet, place the track to its regular shape.
    8. After the rollers are placed back to their track, check the alignment and operation manually by closing and opening the panel a few times. Do not forget to remove locking pliers upon checking the proper alignment. While you’re at it–you can also check or test the balance.
    9. If you notice that there’s a misalignment, basically, you have to repeat the process until it’s properly aligned.
    10. Last but definitely not least–check your door’s automatic operation.

    Once the overall operation is slick and back to its regular shape, then you can finally pat your back for a good job.

    Otherwise, you have to repeat the process back to square one.

    Moreover, simply giving your trusted garage door repairman a call, will significantly save you time and effort.

    Always keep in mind, anything that relates to a broken garage door is not simple.


    By providing regular preventive care and maintenance, you’re assured that your garage door will function properly throughout its life span.

    Do not disregard your door’s necessities, as they are just like any hardware around your home that requires maintenance to work properly.

    Besides their daily function, the overhead door panel is exposed to harmful elements that can wear them physically resulting in dents and tears.

    Entrust all your garage door repairs and maintenance needs to a team of expert garage door specialist in Mississauga.

    Fast and Reliable Expert Garage Door  Specialist in Mississauga

    Nothing beats a secured feeling, knowing that you and your family are safe throughout the night and day.

    Due to the nature of the garage door’s mechanism and exposure to other harmful elements, it can break down unexpectedly.

    Moreover, Silver Garage Door Repair offers fast and affordable same-day garage door track repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance.

    We care about our community in Mississauga and we believe that providing you approachable garage door services enhances your security 24/7.

    Call us at any time of the day and even in an emergency that requires a professional’s technical assistance.

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