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    Garage Door Opener Installation Mississauga

    Need a professional Garage Door Opener Installation?

    Quarantines are lifted, which means garage doors will function again.

    This might make many homeowners happy as this means people can now go out.

    However, moods will be dampened the moment the garage door does not open or malfunctions the moment you press the remote button.

    People are lulled into this false sense of security that not using the garage door for a long time will not affect it the moment you start using it again..

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

    Even with basic maintenance, the inactivity of the overhead door will cause problems.

    Some of these problems can be fixed on your own.

    Others should not even be attempted and left at the hands of technicians who have the advanced skills required for dire situations.

    Basic Maintenance

    We call it basic maintenance because there’s advance maintenance required for garage doors.

    Basic maintenance is superficial prevention for simple problems.

    That means you should always inspect your garage door and its summative parts.

    Keep it all clean and remove dirt build-up to keep motors, axels, and pulleys to avoid blockage.

    Lubricate axels, pulleys, and motors to keep it running well.

    We definitely recommend having a technician do the advance maintenance for you.

    Save the number of your local repair specialist to keep things in shape.

    Common Garage Door Problems

    Dead Transmitter Batteries

    Transmitters are responsible for your antenna to receive signals.

    Transmitters are located on the wall.

    A simple replacement is needed when your garage door still functions when pressed.

    The wall mount may also cause the worsened dead battery problems if it is not functional.

    With the wall-mounted control panel, lower the garage door up and down.

    If you have several transmitters, then you will need to replace all of the batteries.

    That is because the batteries were installed at the same time.

    Ground Fault Interpreter Issues

    The Ground Fault Interpreter is a safety measure that protects you from overheated garage door parts or faulty wirings that can electrocute you.

    Ground fault interpreter is triggered into action when the logic board, antenna, or wiring starts to malfunction.

    The problem with a ground fault interpreter is that it is extremely sensitive.

    Therefore, it is easy to trigger it.

    You will need to reprogram the settings by turning it on and off.

    That will reset the settings.

    Also, you need to check what triggered the ground fault interpreter to malfunction.

    If you’ve done all of this and the ground fault interpreter is still easily triggered, it is time to consult a technician.

    Remote Opener

    The opener remote is a small device that can carry many problems.

    When the remote suddenly stops working, the issue may lie on the batteries.

    That will easily need replacement.

    However, if you’ve continually waited for the battery to be drained before replacing, then the remote’s insides already started to deteriorate.

    If that is the case, then you will need to replace it.

    Broken Springs

    This, perhaps, is one of the most common garage door problems to date.

    Broken garage door springs happen a lot.

    Frequent use or a long time of inactivity can cause these springs to start acting up.

    That or it is already wearing out with time or external factors that caused it to break or form rust.

    This problem is easily diagnosed when you open the garage door manually and it feels heavier.

    There is a bit of resistance that is causing the door to feel heavier, thus making it easy for safety hazards to ensue.

    A broken spring does not end with fixing a broken spring.

    It will mean that both springs will be replaced.

    DIY project on your garage door?

    Depending on the type of spring you have, you can make extension spring repair a DIY project.

    That is not the case with torsion springs.

    Torsion spring repair is not beginner-friendly.

    Garage door repair is not an easy task, not even its maintenance. It is time and energy-consuming.

    There is no end to what can go wrong in the middle of the process and the domino effect it holds.

    That is why there are trained technicians who are available to assist you for any of these issues and easily sub when it comes to reparation.

    If you’re from Mississauga and in need of garage repair service, give us a call.

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