Pickering couple targeted with homophobic slur telling them to leave

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    Pickering couple targeted with homophobic slur telling them to leave

    A same-sex couple in Pickering is expressing shock and anger after they returned home with their daughter to find a homophobic threat scrawled on their garage door.

    Brett Alford and his husband Paul Alford-Jones returned to their rural home off Highway 7 last night to discover the message, which used a gay slur to suggest that the couple is not welcome in the area and should move within 30 days.

    The message was spray-painted in bright orange and read “We don’t like F*****. Time to move. 30 days.”

    “At first I thought it was a joke. I did – I thought it was a joke,” Alford said. “Then when I started to read further and saw the time to move and time to leave, the 30 days, it sunk in that there was something seriously wrong here.”

    When the weight of the message sunk in, Alford went from light-hearted to emotional to angry.

    “It’s really funny how it kind of hits you,” he said. “You think you’re going to be tough to something like this but then it’s a threat to you and you realize. Then I was mad and now I’m more mad than anything that this would happen.”

    The couple also experienced another emotion – fear, for the safety of their young daughter.

    “The primary job of a parent is to protect their child. I’m fearful for her safety –100 per cent. That’s without question,” Alford-Jones said.

    He also said he’s angry that someone would try and tell them that they have to leave a place that has been Alford’s…

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