Garage Door Motor Replacement & Installation

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    Garage Door Motor Replacement & Installation

    Garage doors are everywhere and, nowadays, they’re usually paired with garage door openers.

    There are several benefits to having a garage door opener hooked up in a garage.

    First, it’s convenient and also a time saver.

    Garage door openers get rid of the homeowner’s need to park their car out in the driveway, get out of their car to open up the warehouse garage door, and then get back in the car to drive it into the garage.

    Next, it’s a safer option that doesn’t add to existing back pain.

    Finally, garage door openers provide great security.

    With a garage door open installed, strangers can’t simply lift garage doors anymore, adding necessary security to one’s home.

    How a Garage Door Opener Works

    Before figuring out if garage door motor replacement & installation is necessary, it’s best to understand how a garage door opener works.

    A garage door motor is only one part of a garage door opener.

    There are four types of garage door openers, belt drive openers, screw drive openers, chain drive openers, and direct drive openers.

    These openers are all used for the same function, but differ when it comes to how the motor moves the trolley.

    Belt drive openers use a belt to move the trolley and are known to be quieter and smoother.

    Screw drive openers use a threaded rod that rotates similar to a screw to lift the door.

    Next, chain drive openers, although sturdy, are pretty noisy, and make use of chains to move the trolley back and forth.

    Finally, direct drive openers disregard the two-part trolley-motor system.

    Instead, opting to use the motor as the trolley itself while it moves along the track to maneuver the garage door.

    Despite the varying types of garage door openers, they all have certain parts in common.

    Every type of garage door opener follows the same concept of a motor pushing and pulling a trolley when opening and closing the garage door.

    Things to Check before Buying a New Garage Door Motor

    Even if a garage door opener seems to be malfunctioning, sometimes the problem isn’t even the motor.

    Here are some things to check before calling someone for garage door motor replacement & installation.

    The Torsion Spring isn’t Tight Enough

    It’s best to check the torsion spring first, this part does most of the heavy lifting and is prone to getting looser and looser as it wears out.

    Try checking if the torsion springs need to be tightened by testing the garage door balance.

    Use the emergency release cord to pull the garage door up about halfway and then  let go, the door should stay where it is.

    If it moves, try tightening the torsion spring until the garage door stays put halfway.

    Depending on how old the garage door opener is, the spring may also be faulty because of accumulated rust.

    The Trolley Might be Faulty

    If that’s all good and well, check on the gears of the pulley and cable that attach the torsion spring to the trolley.

    One wobbly gear really makes a difference.

    Afterwards, make sure that the belt works smoothly.

    There might be a loose roller or some residue on the belt that needs to be replaced and cleaned.

    If those parts are in good shape, an investment in a new garage door motor may be necessary.

    Who to Call for Garage Door Installation & Replacement Services

    It’s best to consult someone who knows exactly what they’re doing when doing a garage door motor repair.

    Motors aren’t as simple as they may seem, with the different models of the many door openers out there.

    There’s also a lot of gears and parts to check.

    When it comes to replacing and installing a new garage door motor, ring up the experts to avoid any further damages.

    Silver Garage Doors Repair can help with any problems or issues related to garage door repair.

    With a vast selection of services, like garage door repairs and the like, we provide only the best of services for our highly esteemed clients.

    We work quickly and efficiently with very affordable repair costs to ensure that our clients are getting their money’s worth.

    Don’t wait till tomorrow!

    Call us today!

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