Customer left with big bill after SUV stolen from auto shop

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    Customer left with big bill after SUV stolen from auto shop

    When you leave your vehicle overnight with a repair shop, you expect it to be there in the morning. But a Metro Vancouver man was left with a $3,000 repair bill after his vehicle was stolen from a local Broco Auto Glass.

    Zach Hamill, a pro hockey player from Port Coquitlam, was trying to import his SUV but needed to fix the windshield first so it would pass inspection.

    He left his uninsured vehicle locked inside the Langley Broco Auto Glass shop to get fixed. But the next morning, he got a disturbing phone call.

    “They just said they have some bad news, your car was stolen last night,” he explained.

    Theives had broken into the auto glass shop, grabbed the keys to Hamill’s Cadillac and rammed it straight through the garage door. The thieves then took Hamill’s uninsured SUV on a 24-hour joyride.

    Shortly after, Hamill spotted his vehicle driving by in Maple Ridge and called police. When RCMP stopped the vehicle it was full of cigarette butts and drug paraphernalia. The vehicle had thousands of dollars damage.

    Hamill assumed Broco would pay to fix it, since it wasn’t his fault the vehicle was stolen. But Broco’s insurance company denied the claim.

    “It was their assertion that there was no negligence on the part of the shop operator. He had taken all reasonable safeguards to protect the vehicle and unfortunately both became victims of crime,” said Dennis Ostler, company spokesperson.

    Broco says Hamill’s vehicle should have been insured. If…

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