Warehouse Garage Door Openers Repair

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    Warehouse Garage Door Openers Repair

    The door opener is the brain of your warehouse garage door. Some call it the “operator”.

    When it receives a signal from the remote or switch it then sets the garage door components into action.

    You can easily identify the door opener of your overhead door.

    It is a powered box found at the center of your garage door system near the ceiling.

    It would be bothersome if your warehouse garage door opener is experiencing problems.

    Your warehouse door could be left opened or closed.

    These could risk the safety and security of your finished goods, materials, and equipment.

    It would affect your business operation.

    You should call for an emergency garage door service and have it fixed immediately.

    Components of a Garage Door Opener

    In knowing each part of a warehouse garage door opener you can tell the problem to the garage door repair provider.

    Also, if you are trying to repair it by yourself, you can easily search where to buy the parts online.

    Knowing each component of a garage door opener will come in handy.

    Let us list down and try to familiarize each part of a warehouse garage door opener along with its functions.

    • Electric Motor – When the electric motor receives a signal it drives your warehouse garage door to open or close. The electric motor handles the communication between sensors. It has a logic board, capacitors, and gears.
    • Drive Guide – This is also known as T-rail. As the name implies, it guides and protects the screw, belt, and chain of your warehouse garage door. The drive guide connects the electric motor to your warehouse garage door.
    • Height Adjustment – You can change the distance between the top of your overhead door to the surface of the floor. Also, you can adjust the force needed to stop your overhead door.
    • Remote – Remotes send a signal to the motor unit and triggers it to set the components in motion.

    Consult the manual provided by your warehouse garage door installer. For parts not indicated above.

    Fixing Your Warehouse Garage Door Opener

    There are warehouse garage door opener repairs that you can do by yourself.

    But some need professional expertise.

    When repairing your warehouse garage door opener, exercise extreme caution.

    This is because you are dealing with an electric powered motor.

    If you are uncertain, call the garage door repair company near you.

    Here are some of the common problems that your garage door opener encounters.

    1. Check the Power Supply. Sometimes you may have overlooked it and the plug was removed from the power source.
    2. Check the Remote. Your remote could have dead batteries and it needs replacing. If new batteries have been placed and the problem still exists, try to reprogram your remote. You can find it in your manual.
    3. Sensors. Sometimes a garage door opener sensor is the fault. Check if they are plugged in properly. Also, clean your garage door sensors frequently.
    4. Broken or Loose Belt and Chain. Your warehouse garage door closes and opens several times in a day. Because of this the belt and chain would become loose or worst broken. You will need a professional to do the repairing for you.
    5. Broken Electric Motor. Your electric motor has a broken logic board or busted capacitor. Call a garage door repair company near you, it’s best to leave the problem to them.

    Warehouse garage doors vary in size, style, and design.

    Also, some garage doors can now be controlled through your phone or tablet.

    This means that the problem may vary for every warehouse garage door opener.

    Refer to the manual for other quick fixes that you can do.

    Or contact your warehouse garage door installer for problems that need immediate repairs.

    Silver Garage Door Repair – Trust Us

    Silver Garage Door Repair is a name that you can trust for your warehouse garage door repairs and maintenance.

    If you find it hard to maintain and repair your overhead doors, leave it to us. And we will do the job for you.

    We are not limited to warehouse garage door opener repairs.

    We also do cable repair, spring replacement, and many more.

    Additionally, we install garage doors.

    Call us for the available styles and designs.

    We offer emergency garage door service any time and day of the week.

    Just reach out to us. We will be there to fix your overhead door.

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