Should I Buy Used Garage Doors?

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    Buying second-hand items is cheaper than buying brand new ones.

    But in the case of garage doors, is it advisable to buy pre-owned doors?

    Should I buy used garage doors?

    Find out what experts have to say by reading this article.

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    Pros and Cons of Buying Used Garage Doors

    Garage doors are expensive.

    Buying a used garage door will take away a few dollars off the price but is it worth it?

    You should know the consequences of buying a pre-owned garage door.

    The first thing you will consider is the appearance of the door.

    If it’s used and old, it would have dents, scratches, chips, rust, or fading paint.

    So, you must inspect carefully for flaws that might affect your curb appeal.

    When buying a used garage door, the second important consideration is its performance and security.

    Used doors are weaker and shabbier than new ones.

    As a result, installing one in your garage that’s connected to your house may put your family’s safety at risk.

    Moreover, a pre-owned garage door may cause frequent breakdowns, which will render your door inoperable.

    Thus, garage door specialists do not recommend that you purchase a used garage door.

    How to Select a Used Garage Door

    When choosing a garage door, don’t consider a pre-owned door because of the cons mentioned above.

    Ideally, you should pick a brand new garage door to guarantee reliability and security.

    However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose a used door for your second garage.

    That means the garage you use as a storage area, not where you keep your car and other valuables.

    You can also opt for a used garage door as long as the garage is not connected to your main house.

    If you decide to purchase a pre-owned garage door, you must choose carefully.

    Pick a garage door that is less than ten years old and is still in good condition.

    You must also choose a door that is precisely the same size as your garage door opening.

    If you’re good with tools, you must safely repair any defects of the old door.

    You can even upgrade your door, so it’ll be more secure and reliable.

    Call your local technician for a professional garage door repair if you need help fixing and restoring a used door.

    Affordable New Garage Door Installation

    If you change your mind and decide to buy a new garage door instead, you should contact your trusted technicians.

    Expert garage door technicians will provide you with all your garage door options.

    They can also recommend the most affordable ones to you.

    Moreover, they can help you choose a garage door tailored to your budget and your needs and preferences.

    When choosing a garage door, you should consider its appearance foremost.

    Your garage door will be part of your front yard, so you must ensure that it will add value to your curb appeal.

    More importantly, you should select a reliable garage door.

    You want a durable, safe, and secure garage door that can open and close thousands of times.

    In that way, you won’t need to pay for expensive repair costs.

    Contact your technician to help you pick the best garage door.


    Should I buy used garage doors?

    It’s not practical to buy a used garage door, especially if you don’t have the skills to upgrade the door.

    While buying a pre-owned door can save you money at first, it won’t last long.

    You may end up paying more for frequent repairs and upgrade.

    Moreover, you will not have peace of mind since you are unsure about the door’s reliability, security, and performance.

    Hence, it’s better to consult with a professional when purchasing a new door.

    We will not advise you to purchase a used door, but we can help you choose a garage door that suits your budget.

    Contact Silver Garage Doors now so you can talk to our certified technicians.

    We are available anytime for your garage door repair needs.

    Are you thinking of buying a used garage door to save a little money?

    It is, indeed, a cost-effective strategy to buy one.

    However, even if price is taken into account when picking a replacement, buying a used garage door is not the greatest alternative.

    Remember that there is no guarantee or warranty on the product and its components if you buy a used garage door.

    This may compel you to spend more money on repairs in the future.

    When compared to the many years of security that a new garage door can bring, the few money you save on such a purchase are nothing.

    In fact, you will most likely shell out more money for repairs and upkeep costs.

    Furthermore, used garage doors can be unsafe, putting you and your family at risk of injuries and causing costly damages to your home in the process.

    You can get a quote from Silver Garage Doors to learn how much a new door can cost.

    We can also provide you with accurate information on the advantages and disadvantages of any situation.

    Our team of door specialists guarantee that your door is safe for you and your family.

    For all garage door repair and services, you can count on us.

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    Few Points To Consider

    You may think, “should I buy used garage doors?”.

    In all cases, it is not recommended for you to buy one as a replacement for your existing door.

    It is not enough to think that buying old garage doors will save you money over buying a new one.

    Even if you believe buying a used door will save you money, the money you will have to spend on future repairs is not worth it.

    However, if you are still considering buying a used garage door, there are a few things to consider.

    Avoid used wooden garage doors

    When new, a real wood door looks fantastic and can be maintained with proper upkeep but it is not the case with the used one.

    You have no idea how well the door has been kept by the previous owner.

    Garage doors made of wood are prone to rotting and sagging.

    If not properly maintained and are continually exposed to the elements, they are prone to damages caused by extreme weather conditions, regular use, and effects of time.

    Assess door’s condition

    If the door appears to be old or worn out, it is too old.

    Any type of garage door will deteriorate with time as a result of its age.

    With that, you can conclude that some of the components are already faulty.

    Installation process

    Installation of garage doors is a time-consuming, difficult, and potentially dangerous process.

    That is why, it is best to leave it to the professional.

    When you buy a used garage door, you will never be able to easily find a reliable expert to install it because of the risk and liabilities entailed.

    Installing a garage door also necessitates a high level of skill and specialized tools, both of which are not available in a used garage door.

    Warranty issues

    If you purchase a used garage door, there are no guarantees.

    You will not receive any warranty on the installation neither from the manufacturer when materials and hardwares are faulty.

    To put it another way, no one will be able to defend you if something goes wrong throughout the process.

    All used garage doors are offered as is and with all the responsibilities it entails.

    Is It Worth It

    We at Silver Garage Doors can speak to the fact that buying a used garage door is not cost-effective nor safe.

    In reality, the few bucks you will save by buying a used one is not much of a benefit.

    Not only does it increase the cost of future repairs, but it will also jeopardize your and your family’s safety and security.

    A new garage door, on the other hand, is the most convenient and efficient solution.

    But, at the end of the day, it is still up to you to answer the question, “should I buy used garage doors?”

    To get further information, call us!

    We can give you precise information on the benefits and drawbacks of any circumstance you may encounter.

    You can rely on us for any garage door repairs, and services..

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