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    Roll Up Garage Doors Ontario

    Commercial roll-up doors are a great option if you want to save space in your area, primarily because of their design.

    They roll up into a single-coil when lifted.

    The slates are much thinner than those of an overhead door, allowing maximum flexibility for a smooth roll.

    Finally, because of their structure, they do not interfere with interior building structures.

    Roll-up doors are low-maintenance, meaning they require little to no maintenance as long as they are installed properly.

    However, natural wear and tear may cause damage to your roll-up door and cause you more problems in the long run.

    For your roll up garage doors Ontario repair needs, let Silver Garage Doors Repairs help you!

    They offer garage door repair in Mississauga and specialize in roll up garage doors repair to avoid possible replacement costs.

    Common Commercial Roll-Up Door Issues

    If your commercial roll up door becomes difficult to open and close, you may check on the list below to identify which is causing the problem.

    You may contact a trained technician to check for the following problems on your door:

    Inappropriate Leveling During Installation

    It is crucial to use tools for leveling when installing your garage door to ensure alignment and ease of operation.

    Others may just choose to use the “eye-ball” method while installing and rely on the fact that what they see is level.

    This makes the installation process prone to mistakes.

    Wrong Header Alignment

    If the technicians position the header too far back or forward, the track will not fall into guides at the right arc to make sure of proper functioning.

    This might cause the door to drag against the guides or move towards the wall.

    Over-Turning the Door Spring

    It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s specifications for tensioning commercial roll up door springs.

    If the spring holds more tension by turning the door more than prescribed, the spring could give and break.

    Having the incorrect amount of tension could also make it more difficult to control the door.

    Tight Guides

    If the guide strips are too tight, the door panel could drag against guides, making it hard to open and shut the door.

    Over some time, this will scratch the paint and cause significant damage to the door sheet.

    Misaligned Drum

    Some older door designs require you to have to line up a large piece of steel around the drum’s rim to shape the barrel during installation.

    If performed improperly, the door may not line up properly, causing the door to roll up crooked.

    To keep this from happening, we suggest buying a door with a corrugated drum.

    It attaches to the corrugated drum, forming a great barrel as it rolls.

    This eliminates the risk of an operator error during the installation process that ensures proper door alignment.

    Garage Door Spring Repair: Don’t Do It Yourself!

    Common issues that affect commercial roll up garage doors are usually related to the garage door spring and opener.

    A broken opener prevents the garage door from opening and closing properly.

    Another common issue is a broken spring.

    When your garage door spring breaks, the door will not be able to go up.

    This may cause damage to fragile objects in storage when left untreated.

    Of course, you may want to quickly fix these problems and attempt to do it yourself.

    However, attempting to replace the springs by yourself is dangerous.

    Only experienced technicians should touch torsion springs.

    Also, you need to know what spring to replace the broken one with, and only professionals are equipped with that expertise.

    The right springs can be determined based on the door’s weight.

    There are dozens of spring combinations, but only one is right for your door.

    It is important to have good springs to avoid a range of problems in the future.

    With the wrong springs, your opener will break much faster, and your door is more prone to get off track.

    We Give Professional Services for Garage Door Concerns

    Let Silver Garage Door Repairs be your first choice for the best roll up garage doors Ontario repair needs.

    Our team is composed of trained and qualified professionals to provide a wide array of services, including garage door spring repair.

    Don’t leave your commercial roll-up garage door damages untreated and cost you more in the future.

    Ensure your area and properties’ quality and safety and get the best quality roll up garage doors Ontario repair services brought to you by Silver Garage Door Repairs.

    For commercial garage door repair, call us now to book an appointment!

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