Roll Up Garage Doors Installation and Repair

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    Roll Up Garage Doors Installation and Repair

    Roll Up Garage Doors Installation and Repair

    Roll-up doors are doors that are controlled by a system that helps the board panel to move in an upward motion.

    The board panels are gathered into a roll.

    They are commonly used in residential houses but they are also perfect for business or corporate settings.

    These doors are used to provide security for households and business owners, especially during night time where the possibility of someone breaking in illegally is more likely to happen.

    Roll-up doors are made of different materials, dimensions, designs and shades, depending on how they work or operate.

    Consult the garage door repair company near you to make sure you get the appropriate door for you.

    Two Main Types of Roll Up Doors

    The garage roll-up doors can be categorized into two important types:

    • Sectional Roll Up Doors – These are doors normally rise up into the ceiling of your garage, consisting of 4 or 5 parallel panels of equal size. The materials used for this type of roll-up door can be made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or even wood.
    • Rolling Steel Doors – These are doors facing and perpendicular to the wall of your garage. The door is made of one big panel which is covered with any kind of substance like paint. Roll-up doors built out of steel are the most heavy-duty and will last long.

    Fiberglass, on the other hand, tends to break easily because of its lightweight material. For these types of doors, wood is not advisable to use, as the material is not strong enough and it won’t last long.

    More about Roll Up Doors?

    Roll Up Garage Doors – Paints and Colors Roll-up overhead doors can be finished with any kind of paint or material.

    Most common colors used for residential and businesses roll-up doors are available in various shades—from subtle to vibrant—for appearances that match your taste.

    The design or color of your doors can be custom-made but with additional cost.

    The colors that are used on roll-up garage doors are a special kind of polyester paint which has stronger resistance than any other paints.

    It provides great protection against the formation of rust which can damage the door eventually.

    Painted roll-up doors  will give an amazing look even after years of being used.

    Paint finishes normally consist of several topcoats and primers to give that final polished look.

    A quality appearance of your roll-up door brings beauty to the full design of your home. Talk to your roll-up garage door specialist to know more about the designs and colors available.

    You can check this video for more ideas on styles and colors of your roll-up garage doors.

    Advantages of Roll Up Overhead Doors

    Many great benefits have been identified when it comes to roll-up garage doors. Some of its advantages are listed down as follows:

    1. Simple To Operate – The doors are designed and manufactured specifically so they can be quickly raised and lowered. This makes installation of roll-up garage doors much simpler. The doors have advanced features, such as ratchet tensioning equipment, bearings, axles, springs, and door stops as well as a wide array of assembly for a torque tube. There are also magnetic stainless steel latches and door springs on the doors.
    2. Durability – One of the principal advantages of roll-up doors is durability. They are ideal more or less to any kind of environment and can withstand storms, strong winds (for instance hurricanes). These doors are constructed to have a longer lifespan.
    3. Affordability – Roll-up doors do not require significant maintenance from time to time. Once a month, wash the garage door opener with a power washing tool and you are ready to go. Lubrication or oiling is not necessary, and even if it is, it is very minimal. As long as it is not subjected to excessively harsh weather, which is out of the question in most situations, the door will be in good shape for decades.
    4. Pleasing To The Eye – Garage doors aren’t built to look awesome. For residential and commercial buildings, they are after all, functional elements. Nonetheless, roll-up doors come in different styles and finishes, so they can look fantastic. And you certainly want to make the garage door, in any setting, look amazing. There are several colors, fabrics, and finishes to choose from. If you don’t know what to do and want to make your life easier, simply contact a commercial garage door repair professional.
    5. Security – Roll-up doors provide excellent security, which for commercial buildings is very necessary. Roll-up doors are used during the night to protect businesses eliminating the chance of burglaries and break-ins. For home garages, where protection is very necessary, the same applies. Roll-up garage doors can be particularly useful and in some situations, helpful.  You will find out whether they are the right doors for you by knowing the advantages of these doors.


    Normally for any kind of weather, roll-up garage doors are a great solution.

    Given that you make the right choice, they are built to last a lifetime.

    A professional garage repair service company can assist you in choosing the best roll-up garage door version for you and you’re good to go!

    In Mississauga, Silver Garage Door Repair is available to serve you.

    We are a 24 7 garage door repair company that offers commercial and emergency garage door services.

    Get in touch with any of our staff and we are ready to discuss to you the details of your new roll up garage door!

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