How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Cable

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    How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Cable

    How to fix garage door cable? Watch this video

    With a range of classic to modern design–garage doors are a beautiful addition to the overall appeal of every residence.

    Besides its charm, the garage door provides additional security to your property with its magnitude of strength and durability.

    However, when the garage door malfunctions such as a broken garage door cable, it will disrupt your routine and stop you from being productive.

    A broken garage door cable will stop you as it is dangerous to lift the door panel open–because the garage door cable might snap without warning.

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    Common Tell-Tale Signs the Garage Door Cable Is Broken

    Check out the two most common tell-tale signs that your garage door is broken and requires replacement or total repairs.

    • The garage door panel is struggling to lift open
    • A visible wire hanging loose or the cable is extremely frayed

    Before you attempt to repair the broken garage door cable–make sure you have the appropriate tools, skills knowledge, and training to carry out the job.

    Furthermore, for more efficient repairs–call a trustworthy professional garage door repairman to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

    Steps to Repair A Broken Garage Door Cable

    Take note that repairing a broken garage door cable or spring entails safety risks and might harm you especially if you don’t have the skills and training.

    Always give precedence to your safety before carrying out the repairs. For safer, fast, and efficient repairs–it’s highly recommended to call for a professional garage door technician’s assistance.

    Tools Required

    To avoid going in and out of your working station, gather all the necessary tools, including:

    • Stepping ladder
    • Pair of pliers or set of vice grip
    • Winding bars and sockets
    • Ratchet
    • Safety equipment and glasses, a pair of gloves, and a ladder
    • Replacement cables
    • Wrenches

    Preparation: Steps in Repairing A Broken Garage Door Cable

    The garage door size will determine the size of the cable.

    Usually, the residential garage door is seven (7) feet tall, therefore you will need an 8’6” cable.

    Get in a proper safety outfit such as a pair of leather gloves, safety boots, and glasses.

    Let’s start. Watch out and be aware of the cables’ point edges to getting injured.

    1. Before you start, disconnect the garage door from the opener by pulling the emergency release button
    2. This will allow you to manually manipulate the opening and closing mechanism of the garage door.
    3. Make sure the door panel will touch the ground evenly.
    4. Stand at the center of the garage door–loosen the screws on the springs with ¼ turns and insert the winding bars completely at the same time.
    5. Avoid getting the screws in the bar
    6. Unwind the spring until the tension has been removed. Do the same process with the other spring.
    7. After removing the springs’ tension–get the wrench and loosen the screws (on the cable’s drum) located at the upper left corner of the door panel.
    8. Then, remove the cable from its drum which is located at the bottom of the door–release the cable where it connects to the bottom bracket.

    Installation of the Cable

    1. Onto the bottom bracket–install your new cable.
    2. Install the cable toward the cable’s drum and make sure the cable is running behind the rollers–between the garage door tracks and rollers. Do the same process on the other side of the door.
    3. Once it’s done–insert the cable into the slots of the drum. Make sure that the cable is set properly and is not overlapping.
    4. Wind the cable onto the drum–then, slide the drum over toward the bearing plate.
    5. Next, turn the (right) drum slowly counter clockwise until the cable sits tight.
    6. Now, tighten the set of screws be careful not to overdo them.
    7. While the cable is in your grip–use your pliers on the metal shaft that’s going across the length of the door panel and keep it in place.
    8. Repeat or do the same process on the other side of the door.
    9. After completion–using your winding bars, increase the springs’ tension.
    10. Keep in mind to (only) increase the tension ¼ turn at a time.

    Once you’re done installing the cables, remove your locking pliers from the metal shaft and check your garage door is balanced.

    Before you plug the opener, lift the door panel manually all the way up and make sure that the tension between the drums and cables are even.

    Make sure there’s no tension on either side; redo the process if you notice any imbalance until you get an equal tension.

    Then, engage the door by pulling the switch for the emergency release, and then plug the opener back in.

    While the door panel is fully open–make sure there is tension between the garage door drums and cables.

    24/7 Garage Door Specialist in Mississauga

    Get your broken garage door cable installed by a team of professional garage door repairmen in Mississauga.

    Repairing a broken garage door cable requires technical assistance to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

    Call us for emergency garage door repairs–our garage door repairman is at your disposal for prompt and efficient repairs.

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