How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range

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    How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range

    How to increase garage door opener range? Watch this video

    Accessibility and convenience — that are what defines the garage door opener which has significantly made our lives better and easier.

    Why? It’s simple. Since it will no longer necessitate you to come out of the car to manually open and close the garage door.

    However, there will come a time that the garage door opener will inconvenience you a minute or two to get close to the motor unit to open the door panel.

    If you don’t have the slightest idea on why your garage door opener reduced its range or acting up to the point where you need to get out of the car to open the door panel – let’s digest them one by one.

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    Why Is the Garage Door Opener’s Range Reduced?

    Garage door opener mishaps are usually minor that most of them don’t require technical support.

    Usually, when the opener’s range is reduced – it is due to radio interference, electronic devices, and even trees.

    These are just a few of the many examples that can interfere with your opener’s slick performance.

    Furthermore, by simply making several yet simple adjustments around the garage, your overhead door opener will function efficiently even when you’re in various locations.

    How to Boost your Garage Door Opener’s Range

    First, make sure the overhead door remote batteries have not depleted or it’s newly replaced.

    Sometimes, due to your hectic routine, you missed replacing the batteries on your remote affecting the overall performance of the hardware.

    Battery depleting is just one of the many reasons why your garage door opener reduced its range.

    To increase the door opener’s slick performance, make sure that the environment is free from the following items or objects, including:

    LED & CFL Light Bulbs

    LED or CFL light bulbs are one of the few examples that reduce the performance of your garage door opener.

    These bulbs have a small part inside that produces radio frequency blocking the remote and worse can even cause the operator to open on its own.

    So, if you have recently installed one of these light bulbs around the garage and the inconsistency with your opener or remote occurred at the same time – replace or remove the object.

    Radio Interference

    Besides the light bulbs interfering with the opener’s frequency, the following electronic devices also decrease your opener’s performance, including:

    • Amps
    • TV cable
    • Surge protectors
    • Battery chargers
    • Deep freezers
    • Sprinkler systems with timer
    • Alarms

    If you notice there’s inconsistency with your opener, make sure to check the following devices especially if you installed any of these devices around the garage.

    However, if the inconsistency continues when you have already removed the electronic devices – you can either replace or upgrade your garage door opener.

    But, before you decide to replace your opener, consult a trustworthy garage door specialist.

    Consulting with a professional will provide you better and efficient solutions.

    Upgrade your remote controls

    It might seem a little far-fetched but with the latest and advanced innovations these days – maybe it’s time to upgrade your garage door opener set for a slick and increased performance.

    Entrust all your garage door issues to a trusted garage door repairman that provides comprehensive and high-quality services in Mississauga at a competitive price.


    Garage door malfunctions can be inconvenient but interference with your garage door opener’s performance is manageable.

    With simple and little adjustments around the garage, you can get your garage door opener’s slick performance in no time.

    If the problem still exists after all the simple measures you’ve made around the garage – look for a better solution and consult the nearest garage door service provider in Mississauga.

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