How To Fix Garage Door Cable

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    How To Fix Garage Door Cable

    It is said that a door cable is one of the most neglected parts of a garage door system.

    But we should know that it has an important role that keeps the door functioning.

    Without it, it would be difficult for us to open and close the garage door.

    The cable, which is installed on every side of the door, provides power to the springs, making it easier for us to move the door.

    We don’t want to get it broken, do we?

    But just like all kinds of things, garage door cables also have a shelf life.

    They can wear out in the long run, especially if they are not well-maintained.

    If we notice that there is a problem related to the cables, it’s imperative to repair or replace them right away.

    Of course, it would be more convenient to call and hire our professional service to work on the broken cables.

    But if we can do it ourselves, then here are tips on how to fix garage door cable.

    How to Replace a Damaged Garage Door Cable

    The process of replacing a garage door cable is straightforward.

    Any homeowner can do it as long as he or she is careful.

    So, how do we go about it?

    Remember, don’t remove the broken cable yet.

    We start the replacement by opening the door and locking it in place.

    Attach the vice grips to the door track, which is found below the bottom roller.

    We can also place scaffolding under the garage door to make sure that it doesn’t move.

    Once the door is safely positioned, we can already remove the damaged cable from the garage door.

    We also need to remove the drum, which is twisted around the cable.

    With the help of the instruction manual, install the new garage cable to the drum.

    Don’t forget to untangle the cable and coil one end around the peg, which we find at the bottom of the door. I

    t’s easy, isn’t it? But to ensure that we do it right, here is a video that we can watch.

    We can also replace the other garage cables to match all of them, including the length.

    We can adjust the cable’s length, but we have to access or deal with the torsion springs.

    It will be a bit technical, but we suggest that you give us a call to do the work for you.

    Replacing Garage Door Cables of Electronic Garage Doors

    For electronic garage doors, release the tension from the garage cables, then turn off the opener and completely open the door.

    To keep the garage door open, place c-clamps or scaffolding under the door.

    Unhook or detach the springs from the cable, then remove the broken cable from its position.

    Attach the replacement cable and hook the springs back to the door.

    Once everything is attached, remove the c-clamps.

    Turn on the opener and test if the door is working correctly.

    It’s a similar process if we have a manual garage door.

    Safety Reminders for DIY Garage Door Cable Replacement

    While replacing a broken garage door cable is an easy task, accidents can’t be avoided.

    We have to make sure that we are always safe when we do tasks by ourselves.

    Check that nothing is obstructing our way as we do the work.

    It is also important that we are confident with our skills.

    Otherwise, don’t attempt to do the repairs if we’re unsure of what to do.

    Speaking of confidence, some homeowners may not have the guts to replace the damaged cable by themselves.

    It’s even more intimidating if we don’t have experience, and we’re doing the fixing for the first time.

    It’s normal, and there’s nothing wrong if we don’t know how to fix garage door cable.

    For our peace of mind, it is best to hire professional repair services and let our experienced technicians do the dirty work.

    Give us a call any time.

    When All Else Fails, Call Us Now!

    We have provided you with tips on how to fix garage door cable.

    Use them to do the replacements.

    But as we have said earlier if the task causes inconvenience, always consider the option of calling us.

    We have been fixing and replacing garage door cables for many years.

    Our confidence lies in our experiences, and take pride in them.

    So for your garage door repair needs, call us now.

    We are always available to help you.

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