How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

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    How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    Gaps in any residential and commercial garage door are a form of an invitation to unwanted guests.

    When we say unwanted guests, we mean to tell you about mice or rats, pests, and other irksome creepers.

    Since they can easily creep under a gap, snakes can likely slither inside the garage as well.

    And what’s worse, intruders see the vulnerable garage door as their entry to break into your property.

    Keep your family safe and secured, get your hardware checked and repaired without delay!

    Silver Garage Doors is a dedicated team of technicians that can bring your hardware to its charming appeal.

    But, if you’re interested to know how to adjust a garage door gap, here’s how:

    1. Check the hardware’s rubber seal

    Found on the edges of the hardware, rubber seals or also known as stops.

    As the name suggests, its sole purpose is to seal the opening of the hardware’s frame.

    However, with everyday exposure to various harmful elements, the seal will reach its limit.

    Aside from that, the vibration or tension may have caused the stops to shift from their position.

    To resolve the issue, simply realign the stops to close the gaps.

    If possible, replace the rubber seal if there’s a presence of cracks or damage.

    2. Check the garage door’s track

    Do you find the panel in an unusual position? Is it in a perfectly vertical position? If not, check the tracks and adjust properly.

    By doing so, loosen the bolts and slowly realign the vertical tracks.

    Misalignment of the garage door track is possible due to everyday use and friction.

    If you think you don’t have the technical skills to realign your tracks, call for technical support.

    3. Limit switch issues

    If you’ve just had the door panel replaced, chances are that the limit switch has not been adjusted properly.

    Perhaps, the critters and other pests may have chewed off the bottom seal, prompting it to shift from its position.

    Check and read the instructions from your opener’s manual to learn how to adjust the limit switch.

    4. Get a new rubber seal or weatherstripping

    Exposure to inclement weather and other detrimental elements can shed the rubber seal’s life span.

    To resolve the issue, simply replace the worn-out weatherstripping.

    Weatherstripping or rubber seals give us an array of benefits while keeping the critters away from our garage.

    5. Trimming the hardware

    If you’re using a wooden garage door, you can have it trimmed to fit in the door frame properly.

    For steel, aluminum, or fiberglass panels, it requires exact measurements to fill the gaps.

    As ridiculous as it sounds, there are incidents such as improper measurements of the hardware.

    Therefore, you have to look for a trusted service provider that can provide you the proper assistance.

    6. Elevate the flooring

    Although it’s expected that concrete floors will settle over time.

    High foot traffic may have only contributed to concrete flooring from settling.

    If this is the case, correct the gap by adding concrete to the garage flooring to level the surface.

    Bottom Line

    Learning how to adjust a garage door gap is probably one of the easiest jobs to undertake.

    However, if you find it quite complex and the aforementioned list did not resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to call for help.

    Some issues with the hardware may look simple and can be repaired with minor adjustments.

    But, if the issue is beyond your skills, do not compromise your safety and simply call the experts.

    As homeowners, garage door breakdown and malfunctions should be expected.

    Given the hardware’s function and exposure to various harmful elements, over time they can get into its components.

    Moreover, when you give your hardware preventive measures, costly repairs can be prevented later on.

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