How Does A Garage Door Spring Break

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    How Does A Garage Door Spring Break

    Every homeowner dreads a faulty garage door but what’s even more terrifying is waking up to a broken garage door spring.

    We are all aware that garage doors are exposed to a significant amount of wear from daily use and exposure to extreme temperatures from day until the night.

    And worse, many homeowners neglect to give their garage door the TLC they deserve until it breaks on them one morning.

    Don’t wake up to a faulty or broken garage door spring; get a high-performing garage door that keeps you and your family safe.

    And call your expert garage door provider in Mississauga–the Silver Garage Door Repair.

    Safety Precaution

    A broken garage door spring is considered one of the most complex and dangerous types of repairs.

    If you’re going to do the replacement by yourself, make sure you have the skills and proper training.

    But if you’re not familiar with the technicalities, don’t hesitate to give your trusted garage door repairman a call immediately.

    For fast and efficient replacement of broken garage door springs, call a reliable garage door specialist for technical support.

    Top Reasons Why Garage Door Spring Breaks

    Depending on the brand and make, an average door spring will last up to 5,000 to 20,000 cycles.

    There are various reasons as to why garage door springs will break such as it used up their cycle, poor quality, the door’s mechanism, and more.

    However, when you also neglect to provide your garage door with routine maintenance it is one of the primary causes that it will break down.

    Listed below are among the top reasons why garage door spring breaks.

    Wear and tear

    Springs are responsible for bearing the weight of the door panel such as lowering and lifting.

    And because of this strenuous job–the spring loses its greases overtime for a slick operation.

    Due to the overhead door panel’s mechanism and the springs function, over time the spring will not be able to hold the panel’s weight and break down.

    And as we all know many homeowners use the garage doors as their main exit and entrance.


    Another reason why your garage door spring breaks is neglecting to remove the rust building up around the hardware.

    Rust weakens the overall health of the spring and due to the amount of friction they receive, it will dramatically shorten their life span

    No Proper Care Maintenance

    Time will come the garage door spring will fail but when you give it routine maintenance such as spraying down a high-quality lubricant three (3) to four (4) times in a year it will prolong the hardware’s life span.

    And when the components life span increases, it will significantly save you from potentially purchasing the hardware’s replacements.

    Poor Quality Set of Springs

    The garage door provides us security, so it’s only wise to choose only the high-quality pair of springs for robust and long-lasting use of the hardware.

    Given our advanced technology today, there are plenty of high-quality garage door springs available in the market to choose from.

    Incorrect Pair of Springs

    Although it may sound farfetched, but it can happen to you once in a lifetime.

    You may have missed writing down the proper dimensions resulting in the wrong size, length, and weight.

    Cold Weather

    When the weather drops, garage door springs increases the likelihood of breaking down.

    So, if you live where the temperature can get really cold, it’s going to put your spring under a lot of pressure resulting in breaking eventually which requires you to replace them from time to time.


    As the garage door provides us security, don’t disregard one of its most important needs–regular maintenance.

    As we all know, garage doors are exposed to extreme weather and harmful elements that can get into their components which sheds their life span.

    To get a high-performing garage door and avoid emergency repairs, later on, entrust all your garage door services to a reliable garage door service provider in Mississauga.

    Emergency Garage Door Spring Break Repairs in Mississauga

    For emergency garage door services, call Silver Garage Door Repair.

    We provide a range of garage door services that will give you a high-performing garage door 24/7.

    Don’t wake up to a broken garage door spring–get your overhead door fully functional all year-long.

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