Garage Door Remote Not Working Consistently

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    Garage Door Remote Not Working Consistently

    Most of us rely on the ease of use of the garage door remote to open and close the door panel conveniently.

    However, waking up to a malfunctioning garage door remote will cause a major disruption from your routine.

    While there are ways to simply troubleshoot the remote such as replacing the batteries, there are overhead door panel remote issues that require major repairs.

    In case you’re in a hurry and can’t resolve the issue, Call Silver Garage Door Repair for fast same-day garage door remote repairs in Mississauga.

    Don’t hesitate to call the nearest garage door specialist to get your overhead door panel up and moving.

    Why Is the Garage Door Remote Inconsistent?

    Usually, garage door remote mishaps don’t require professional’s help as it only requires minor troubleshooting.

    However, what is not visible to your eyes are other pressing garage door remote issues that need technical support.

    Besides, what’s most important is to get the garage door fully operational to get you back on your routine.

    Moreover, first, let’s identify the main cause of the inconsistent response of your garage door remote.

    Radio Interference

    Usually, when the garage door remote responds intermittently, radio interference from other devices is the cause of the problem especially if you live 50-mile away from the airport or military base.

    However, if you’re nowhere near the airport or military base and experiencing an inconsistent response, trigger your remote at a closer distance.

    Trigger the remote while standing close to the motor unit.

    If the overhead door remote responds consistently at a close distance, interference is most likely the problem.

    Once you have identified and resolve the issue look around and identify the source of the interference, either you can move, remove the object or turn it off.

    Most likely these items come in the form of LED or CFL bulbs and other emitting signal appliances around the garage such as electronic devices.

    These devices will reduce your garage door remote’s range when you’re trying to use it at a distance such as inside the car.

    Additional Reasons Why Your Garage Door Remote Is Inconsistent

    However, if the garage door will not respond to the remote at a closer distance, it can mean other underlying issues, including:

    • Needs battery replacement. Usually, batteries will last for two years before it needs replacement
    • Check the wall-mounted control panel to ensure the lock button is not engaged. If so, then, disengage by simply pressing the lock button.
    • If the inconsistency continues, inspect the malfunctioning system carefully–if possible, reprogram the remote accordingly.
    • Locate and press the learn button, then, within 30 seconds–hold the remote button for 3 seconds until the light flashes or the LED light blinks from the door opener.
    • Once you’re done, determine if the reprogramming is successful by using the remote to close and open the garage door.
    • If the reprogramming is unsuccessful in closing and opening the door panel, there’s a possibility that the issue is in your garage door system’s control wiring.
    • A malfunctioning GFI or Ground Fault Interpreter. For a quick-fix, you can simply press the reset button on your GFI which corresponds to your garage door.

    If the inconsistency continues and you’re not able to find, locate, or identify the cause of the problem, call a trustworthy professional garage door specialist.

    When you call for technical support, it will save you a significant amount of time on figuring the garage door remote issue.

    Furthermore, handling the issue with a professional garage door specialist will provide a better, fast, and efficient solution.


    As most garage door remote mishaps can be remedied right away, some requires a professional’s help

    Some garage door remote issues can cause major inconvenience, disrupting you from being productive throughout the day.

    Give your garage door the preventive care and maintenance it deserves, call a reliable garage door repairman in Mississauga.

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