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    Does Your Garage Door Make Banging Noises When Opening?

    This video might help you fix it.

    No one likes a noisy garage door.

    As much as possible, garage owners prefer silent and smoothly working doors.

    After all, a garage door that clunks, bangs, and thuds every time it moves is annoying.

    More than that, noisy doors could indicate garage door issues.

    Some problems are easy to repair — you can DIY fix them, while others may require the help of experts.

    Complicated garage door problems are not only difficult to deal with, but they can be dangerous too.

    Hence, before you get your gears up, you should make the necessary preparations beforehand.

    Does your garage door make a banging noise when opening?

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    Where Does The Banging Noise Come From?

    Garage door noises could mean different things.

    The culprit could be unlubricated rollers, tracks, and hinges if it’s a loud banging sound.

    Examine and Lubricate the Garage Door Rollers and Tracks

    The banging sound your door produces can be due to components needing repair or adjustment.

    The first thing you can investigate is the rollers and tracks.

    Open your garage door so you can check on each track for any dust or debris.

    These particles could hinder the tracks from moving smoothly and quietly.

    As you check on the tracks, you must also inspect the rollers.

    Make sure that the rollers are perfectly round to move seamlessly along the track.

    Worn-out rollers could cause the banging noise your door creates.

    So, you must replace your rollers if they already have flat sides.

    You must also lubricate the rollers to ensure their smooth movement.

    After doing all of these, try opening and closing the garage door and double-check for unnecessary noise.

    Inspect All Hinges

    Damages hinges may also lead to banging garage door sounds.

    Given this, you must regularly check your garage door hinges to ensure their condition and placement.

    Replace damaged hinges and tighten loose ones to remove unwanted sounds your garage door makes.

    Make sure that every hinge is securely fastened to guarantee your door’s smooth operation.

    Check the Opener For Banging Noises

    Another possible cause for the banging noises in your garage door is the opener.

    Faulty or damaged opener units or their components can lead to frustrating sounds.

    Try disconnecting the garage door operator to determine where the banging noise is coming from.

    Pull the red emergency release cord hanging from the door opener unit.

    You should hear a click sound which indicates that your door is already on manual operation.

    Open and close your door and listen to the banging noise.

    If the noise is gone, then the opener device is the problem.

    Call a licensed technician right away to fix the issue and prevent further damage.

    Lubricate the Garage Door Spring

    Garage door springs do the heavy lifting and lowering of the garage door.

    So, every time you use your garage door, you’re also harnessing the force of the springs.

    Over time, the springs may weaken and wear out.

    Garage door springs deteriorate faster if you don’t lubricate and take care of them.

    When that happens, you’ll notice that your door operates loudly and improperly.

    You can lubricate the springs to remedy the issue.

    Apply proper lubrication on the springs to prevent your door from producing any noise.

    This will also restore the condition and operation of your springs.

    If the same problem persists, you must contact a technician.


    Garage doors normally produce sounds.

    However, it’s a different story if your door creates unusual loud banging noises.

    In that case, you should call a technician to help you fix the issue.

    If your garage door makes banging noises when opening, it indicates that it has broken, loose, or unlubricated parts.

    While these may be easy to remedy, you might need the help of experts for complex problems.

    Garage door problems are dangerous to handle, especially for inexperienced individuals.

    When in doubt, dial our local number at Silver Garage Doors.

    Our licensed technicians can provide you with any garage door services.

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    Imagine opening your garage door every day and hearing the banging sound it creates.

    It is a bit of an annoyance, to be honest.

    Also, it can be an indication that something is wrong with your door.

    Without immediate action to fix such an issue, your garage door will prematurely wear causing you to shell out more money for costly replacement processes.

    Even though damaged garage doors are reasonably simple to fix, others are more complicated and dangerous and should be left to the professionals.

    When your garage door makes a banging noise when opening, do not feel unnerved.

    We, at Silver Garage Doors, will cater all your garage door needs.

    Our team of professionals are equipped with the right expertise and specialized tools to handle a full range of garage door repair and services.

    We will identify what’s making your door popped and fix it as soon as possible.

    Contact us to schedule a service today!

    What Causes A Noisy Garage Door?

    Supposedly, a garage door opening system is designed to make your garage doors operate seamlessly without requiring much effort.

    When your garage door starts to bang when it opens, it indicates that its components are starting to fail.

    Thus, the need for repairs.

    To assist you fix a noisy garage door, you should first figure out what is causing it to be loud.

    Here are some of the most common causes of these garage door banging noises.

    Unbalanced Doors

    Springs are used to ensure that your garage door opens and closes properly.

    A garage door’s unbalanced state is usually caused by springs that are producing too much or too little tension in order to counterbalance the weight of the door.

    This can put the openers under a lot of stress.

    A garage door that is not balanced can cause a spring or cable to snap, putting you in danger.

    Poor Installation

    One way to know if a garage door is properly installed is when it operates quietly.

    So, if your door is making loud noises, there could be a problem with the installation.

    Below are the warning signs of a poorly installed garage door.

    • Getting stuck halfway
    • Difficult to open and close
    • Makes loud rattling, banging, and grinding sounds

    Bent Tracks

    When you find yourself exerting a lot of effort in opening and closing your garage door, it is possible that your door’s metal track has bent

    On top of that, bent tracks frequently generate a loud rubbing noise as you open and close your garage door.

    If the track is damaged, inspect for loose rollers or screws that could be loose.

    In this event, you will need to adjust the alignment of your tracks.

    It is advisable to leave the job to a professional to ensure that it is done correctly and safely.

    Loose Components

    Your garage door works because of a variety of components that function together.

    In order for your garage door to operate smoothly, it must have good hinges, nuts, bolts, rollers, and chain.

    Some parts, on the other hand, will deteriorate and become damaged with time, leaving you with a broken door.

    Even if just one part of the garage door system breaks down, your entire door will unfortunately fail.

    The following are the common parts that can become loose.

    • Rollers
    • Chain
    • Hinges
    • Nuts
    • Bolts

    Noisy Operation

    Though all garage doors create some noise when they operate, having a loud banging sound can be a matter of concern.

    This is especially alarming when it happens more and more frequently.

    Garage doors that create noises when in use should be assessed and fixed immediately.

    What To Do With Your Noisy Garage Door?

    Fixing your garage door could be as simple as lubricating the rollers, track, and springs.

    But, since garage doors are heavy and highly pressurized, it is not a good idea to tackle things on your own.

    While some problems are easy to address, others that are more significant necessitate the assistance of a professional.

    If you are looking for reliable, safe, and efficient garage door repair services, look no further!

    At Silver Garage Doors, we place high value on quality and safety.

    As a result, we promise to deliver nothing but the best garage door services possible.

    Contact us and we will see what’s causing your door to pop.

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