Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    Garage doors are exposed to different types of elements which for the most part, will lead to damage and wears out their ability to secure your property.

    A malfunctioning garage door puts your overall safety at risk such as trespassers or the door breaking down suddenly, since the door is already vulnerable.

    Maintaining your garage door and keeping it in its optimal condition offers an array of advantages such as safety and security.

    Don’t put your family’s safety at risk over a malfunctioning and vulnerable garage door.

    Give your overhead door the necessity it needs and get it maintained regularly by a trustworthy garage door services provider, the Silver Garage Door Repair in Mississauga.

    Preventive Garage Door Care and Maintenance Checklist

    The garage door is the biggest piece of equipment which is composed of intricate parts and gears that require regular lubrication and maintenance.

    Just like any hardware around your house, garage doors need proper care to keep them working properly.

    Here’s a routine garage door maintenance checklist to keep your overhead door panel functional throughout its life span.

    Visual inspection

    Get a closer inspection of every parts and detail of your garage door starting with the following:

    • Generally, inspect the springs, cables, rollers, and other components for tell-tale signs of fraying, wear and tear.
    • Closely observe the movement or function of the door panel and look for signs of unusual movements such as slick or jerky or produces scraping or grinding noise.
    • If there’s an absence of malfunctions, then it’s good. Otherwise, it needs a more thorough inspection by an expert garage door specialist.

    Lubricate as needed

    Frequently used garage doors require regular lubrication, every 6 months or as recommended.

    With the nature of the door panel’s mechanism, over time it will wear down and lose its grease for a smooth operation.

    Spray a small amount of lubricant on the door panel’s rollers, hinges, and tracks.

    Lubricate only where it’s needed and necessary.

    Treat the rust

    Although a high-quality garage door is treated in preventing rust from forming into its components.

    However, there’s a possibility that it can form eventually.

    To remove the rust, simply rub it off with the use of steel wool and wipe the spot as you go accordingly.

    Auto-Reverse feature — the photo-eye sensors

    While the door panel is closed, place an object in front of the photo-eye sensors.

    When the door reverses to its open position, then, it’s working perfectly.

    Otherwise, you need to call for technical support to resolve the technical issue.

    According to Federal Law, garage doors must be equipped with advanced safety features and the reversing feature is one of them.

    Test the garage door’s balance

    An uneven door panel will lead to a serious garage door malfunction.

    Furthermore, serious damage can be prevented when you inspect your door panel’s balance regularly.

    • Close the door panel and disconnect the opener by pulling the cord (red release)
    • Observe for smooth operation by closing and opening the door panel
    • Open the door panel mid-air — then, let go.
    • If, the door slams shut to the ground after releasing it–its balance is off.
    • Otherwise, your door’s balance is in perfect condition.

    Clean and groom your door panel

    More often than not, homeowners disregard the upkeep of their overhead door panel’s grooming.

    Get rid of the detrimental elements such as dirt and debris on the panel as it helps the hardware last longer.

    Generally, clean the door panel accordingly to your door panel’s make


    Garage doors don’t get enough care and attention until something does not feel right.

    As the rise of DIY garage door tutorials continues to emerge all over the internet, always keep in mind to secure your safety above all else when you do the repairing.

    Although it can save you a teeming amount of money from hiring a professional repairman, there’s a chance that it might require you to call for technical support later on.

    So, from the first sight of a malfunctioning garage door, don’t hesitate to give your trusted garage door specialist to avoid expensive or emergency repairs.

    Furthermore, expensive and emergency garage door repairs can be avoided when you give regular care and maintenance to your hardware.

    Fast Same-Day Garage Door Services in Mississauga

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