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    Garage Door Installation Service Mississauga 

    Garage doors typically take up a large portion of the facade of our home.

    Hence, a plain garage door or one in a poor state can be embarrassing and make the whole house look unpleasant.

    Over the years, garage doors have become popular, offering various styles and designs being introduced to the market.

    Garage doors are beneficial as it provides not only for the aesthetic purposes but also for your property’s safety and value.

    Before having a garage door installation, it’s important to envision what our house would look like with the garage door design and style that we prefer.

    These references would depend on your lifestyle because each material has its unique benefits.

    Before calling for the most reliable garage door installation service Mississauga has to offer, you need to get to know your potential doors that our company will provide you with.

    Garage Door Materials

    There are several garage door designs that we can choose from; the most commonly used are steel, wood, and aluminum.

    The materials are well-grounded and durable.

    Also, they are designed to complement any architectural technique on our home’s whole image.

    Below are the different garage door material designs with a short description to help us choose the best garage door.


    A garage door with steel material used is very common as it is very durable.

    This type of material is one of the most sturdy and reliable to be used and especially has a longer life span.

    Steel gives off a high-quality appearance and is easily maintained compared to wood material.

    It can also be designed to look like wood if homeowners or commercial owners request it to look like one.

    Either way, Steel garage doors are durable enough to withstand rainstorms, strong wind, and other natural elements that could damage our stored property.

    That is why it is commonly installed in garage doors.

    Also, it is essential to have a steel garage door because it only requires minimum maintenance and is aesthetically pleasing to one’s eyes.


    A garage door with a wooden material adds charm to its appearance; it is highly appreciated that it gives off authenticity that non-wood wouldn’t have the ability to mimic.

    A wooden garage door looks more natural and is considered well made and solid compared to other materials.

    One of the reasons why many homeowners use wooden garage doors is because they can customize them to their taste and style.

    Although wooden garage doors are resistant and sturdy, they still require regular maintenance to preserve their beauty and from damages from mold, rots, cracks, and warps.

    If you need the best garage door installation service Mississauga has to offer, you can always call our company service provider.


    Aluminum garage doors give a brighter and modern fixture to our homes.

    If we choose aluminum garage doors, you can choose whether it is rugged and rust-proof.

    High-density polyethylene is a material used for aluminum panels and frames for less expensive aluminum doors.

    It is a good choice if you have an extra-wide double door because it’s lightweight and wouldn’t put too much force on its operating mechanism, such as a garage door opener.

    Types of garage doors

    Here are several types of garage doors introduced and offered throughout the market.

    Roll-up garage doors, also known as coiling doors, are essential for commercial owners, but some owners prefer it as well.

    This type of door operates by rolling it up and down.

    It withstands heavy usage and is a practical investment for our home since they only require less frequent garage door repair.

    Sectional garage doors are made up of panel sections that are conjoint with hinges.

    When operating, the door’s wheels at the edge of every panel roll inside a vertical track on each side of the door opening.

    The hinges in the middle of every panel section bend on a section of the track.

    This allows the door to be parallel to the ground when it’s open or come in line with the walls when completely closed.

    A pair of high-tension springs above the opening of the door is connected to a cable that moves the door and holds it still from drifting down when partially open.

    If ever the spring to your garage door doesn’t work, please call our local garage door repair for garage door spring repair.

    Also, these types of doors are usually made of steel and are low maintenance.

    Slide to the Side garage doors tend to bend on the side of the garage facing parallel to our walls.

    These doors run along with their flexible trolleys that work with slight slopes in the ceiling or on the floors.

    Silver Garage Door Repairs: The garage door expert to give you quality services!

    There are many types of garage doors accessible to us.

    After looking into what type of garage doors and materials to use, all that is left is to find the most reliable garage door installation service Mississauga has to offer.

    Worry not!

    Silver Garage Door Repairs is an expert when it comes to providing residential and commercial garage door maintenance, installation, and even commercial garage door repair in Mississauga.

    We guarantee quality service and customer satisfaction, so call us now!

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