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    Garage Door Capping

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    Garage Door Capping Service in Mississauga

    Watch this awesome DIY garage door capping video!

    Garage owners invest not only in reliable and secure garage doors but also in good-looking ones.

    This is because your garage door is one of the first things people look at when they pass by your street.

    Simply put, your garage door adds value to your property’s appearance.

    Hence, you should also think about investing in upgrading your garage door.

    One way to improve your door is to install capping around your garage door.

    Garage door frame capping will make your garage door look neat and sharp.

    It will also improve the longevity of your door.

    If you plan to add garage door capping, contact Silver Garage Doors.

    Our friendly and experienced technicians will install it for you.

    We also offer a wide range of garage door services for residential and commercial garages.

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    What is Garage Door Capping?

    Garage door frame capping is a professional service offered by garage door specialists.

    In this job, technicians will cover your garage door frame, usually made of wood, with metal sheathing or capping.

    As a consequence, your door frame will look sharp and brand new.

    It is an excellent remedy for garage door frames that have been damaged or worn.

    Furthermore, your garage door will last longer since the wooden frame will be shielded against destructive forces.

    Benefits of Aluminum Capping on Your Garage Door

    Aluminum is the most common metal used for garage door frame capping.

    Capping your garage door with the said metal can provide you with many benefits.

    Low Maintenance

    Installing an aluminum garage door capping requires little to no maintenance.

    Many garage owners even cap their door frames to avoid maintaining their garage doors.

    You wouldn’t have to worry about strenuous wood maintenance by covering the wooden frame with a metal sheet.

    Say goodbye to stripping, sanding, and repainting because all you need is soapy water and a cloth to clean the capping.

    Sharp and Cleaner Exterior

    Capping your garage door frame will boost your garage door’s appearance.

    The aluminum capping will make your garage door look sharp, clean, and seamless.

    It could cover up the flaws of your wooden door frame, such as chips, fading paint, and peeling paint.

    As a result, your curb appeal will also improve since your garage door is an eye-catching feature of your front yard.


    Metal is more durable and resilient than wood.

    By capping the wooden frame, you’re shielding the wood from damaging factors such as rain and impact.

    The metal plus the weather sealant slows down the deterioration of the wood.

    Moreover, the capping prevents mold growth since the wood will not get wet.

    In conclusion, capping your garage door frame with aluminum will increase its lifespan,

    Insulation and Weather Seal

    The aluminum garage door frame capping has insulating and weather sealing properties.

    It acts as a barrier against heat so that your garage interior will remain at a comfortable temperature.

    So, you can achieve better energy efficiency inside your house.

    Moreover, the valuables inside your garage will also stay safe and dry, thanks to the aluminum frame capping.

    Who Should Install My Garage Door Frame Capping?

    Frame capping your garage door is a meticulous task.

    You must have the right tools and skills to install the frame capping effectively.

    If not, you must leave the task to experienced garage door specialists.

    Professional technicians will ensure that the aluminum capping is shaped perfectly to your home’s architecture.

    They have a machine called brake, which bends metal sheets, to accomplish this task.

    Attempting to DIY install a frame capping might damage the appearance of your garage door.

    It may look messy, uneven, and downright ugly.

    Moreover, you may not enjoy the benefits of aluminum frame capping mentioned earlier.

    Call Silver Garage Doors for your garage door frame capping needs.

    We have experienced technicians who can efficiently and effectively perform the task.

    Our licensed garage door specialists also offer other garage door services.

    Garage door opener repair, spring replacement, and roller repair — you name it, we fix it!

    Contact us any time on any day of the week for emergency garage door repair.

    Call us now, and get a free quote for our services.

    Your home’s exterior gives a huge impression on people.

    In fact, people might assess the value of your home simply by its external features.

    One significant external component of your home that contributes to the apparent worth of your property is your garage door.

    However, due to the elements, age, and regular use, it may become damaged over time.

    To increase the durability of your garage door, you may need to have a garage door frame capping installed.

    While it may not be something you think about often, it could be exactly what you need  to minimize your home’s upkeep costs and improve its appearance.

    If you are thinking about making this cost-effective home improvement, you can count on us!

    At Silver Garage Doors, we place a high value on quality and reliability.

    We take great pride in providing a full range of services ranging from garage door repair to replacement.

    Give us a call and we will thoroughly assess your garage door needs.

    What is Frame Capping?

    In essence, frame capping or cladding involves the process of covering the edges of your garage door with a material such as aluminum.

    Even though the explanation makes capping appear to be a simple process, it actually requires specialized tools and extensive knowledge to properly execute the job.

    Trying to tackle things on your own may result in a poorly installed capping.

    It could also jeopardize the safety of you and your family.

    Thus, the best course of action is to leave it to the professionals.

    We are not only capable of getting the task done well, but we also take great value in your safety.

    What Are The Benefits of Garage Door Frame Capping?

    As previously mentioned, your home’s external features have a significant impact on the overall worth of your property.

    Your garage door, particularly, is one of the significant components of your home’s exterior that greatly influences your home’s overall appearance.

    But, since it is exposed to the elements outside, it is inevitable to become damaged.

    You can, however, use frame capping to protect and extend the lifespan of your garage door.

    To help you decide whether or not to install aluminum capping on your garage door frame, here are some of the benefits of installing one.

    Provides cleaner look to your home

    Your garage door adds to the value of your home.

    But, If it has peeling paint and cracks, it can affect your home’s overall curb appeal.

    Capping made of aluminum, on the other hand, can help preserve your door’s pristine condition.

    Thus, giving a cleaner look to your home while also protecting your door from the effects of time.

    Increases durability of your garage door

    Having frame capping installed, you can ensure that you can enjoy the benefits your garage door offers for a long time.

    This is because frame capping protects your door frame from unnecessary damages that may cause problems with the garage door itself.

    With that, you can rest assured that your door will survive for years without fading or rusting.

    Makes your garage door free of maintenance

    Your door frame will no longer require you to devote your free time to maintain it on a yearly basis once you’ve coated it.

    There’s no need for you to repaint or sand an old, dingy door frame.

    All you have to do is use a soft cloth and a cleaning solution to clean the surface of your garage door frame.

    Boost your home’s curb appeal

    Your garage door is a vital component of your home.

    Not only does it draw the attention of passers-by, but it also functions as a deterrent to intruders.

    Therefore, having a functional and appealing garage door is a plus.

    Your home’s curb appeal is improved by cladding, which boosts its asset value.

    Furthermore, improvements that increase a home’s curb appeal may offer higher returns than interior renovations.

    Who Should You Call For Prompt and Efficient Capping Services?

    If you are considering upgrading your home’s exterior appeal and reducing your garage door’s overall maintenance costs, perhaps now is the right time for a garage door frame capping.

    Silver Garage Doors is a reputable company that offers all types of garage door services including garage door repair, maintenance, and replacement.

    Contact us and let our team of professionals modernize and beautify your garage door.

    Aluminum Garage Door Frame Capping

    A good-looking garage door can be easily offset by an old and rotting garage door frame.

    If you are guilty of having an unkempt door frame, you should consider restoring and repairing it.

    Investing in the appearance of your garage door can go a long way.

    Improving your garage door will boost your property value and curb appeal, whether you’re selling your house or simply upgrading it.

    You can upgrade your garage door by adding an aluminum capping garage door frame.

    This home improvement offers plenty of benefits, and we’ll discuss them later.

    If you need a professional team to assist you with the installation, contact Silver Garage Doors.

    We have licensed and experienced technicians who are skilled in installing aluminum capping.

    They also have extensive experience in all sorts of garage door repairs.

    Call us today, and get a free quote for our services.

    What is Garage Door Frame Capping?

    Garage door capping is the process of adding a layer of a metal sheet over the wood frame.

    It is used in garage doors and windows and doors as well.

    Aluminum is usually the metal used in capping because it is highly malleable and durable.

    It also has many advantageous features, such as being insusceptible to fading and corrosion.

    Frame capping is usually done to restore wooden garage door trims.

    The metal capping will cover any chips, cracks, and peeling paint of the wood.

    Furthermore, it also protects the wood against moisture, which hastens its decay and causes mold formation.

    How to Install an Aluminum Frame Capping

    Installing a garage door frame capping is a job best left to professionals.

    This is primarily because expert garage door technicians are skilled in their job.

    Adding frame capping is a meticulous process because you have to make sure that the capping is even.

    This task also requires professional equipment called brake, which cuts and shapes the aluminum sheet.

    If you don’t have the skills and tools, you shouldn’t DIY, or else you might cause more damage to your garage door.

    When Should You Install an Aluminum Frame Capping?

    • When you don’t want to maintain your garage door regularly

    You should install an aluminum frame capping when you’re exhausted from constantly maintaining your garage door.

    Apart from tiring, maintaining the wooden frame is also costly.

    If you encounter these challenges, you must consider capping your garage door frame with aluminum.

    In this way, you can avoid future stripping, sanding, and repainting.

    Aluminum frame capping requires little or no maintenance at all.

    It also doesn’t rust or fade.

    So, you can just get soapy water and a clean cloth to clean the capping, and it will look as good as new.

    • When you’re selling your house

    You should also add aluminum capping if you plan to sell your house.

    It can hide the imperfections of your old wooden trim.

    Consequently, it will increase your property’s value, and you can quickly get your ROI.

    • When you’re renovating your home

    Garage door frame capping is also a good thing if you want to beautify your home exterior.

    It can make your house look neater and boost your curb appeal.

    • When you want your garage door to last long

    Adding an aluminum frame capping is a good measure to increase the lifespan of your garage door.

    By covering the wood with a metal sheet, the latter will protect the former against elements.

    The wooden trim will not be in contact with moisture, so it will not deteriorate fast and develop molds.

    • When you want better energy efficiency

    Garage door frame capping acts as additional insulation, which prevents your garage from getting too warm or cold.

    Hence, your home will remain comfortable, and you don’t have to use your heater or air conditioner.


    Adding an aluminum capping garage door frame is a good investment.

    It offers a myriad of benefits beyond simply beautifying your home.

    Installing a frame capping will save your money and energy from future repairs and maintenance.

    If you want to install a garage door frame capping for your home, contact Silver Garage Doors.

    Let our experienced team handle every step of the installation process, so you can sit back and relax.

    Book an appointment with us today by calling our local number.

    Capping your garage door frame with aluminum can work wonders.

    It can increase the lifespan of your wooden door frame.

    The capping can also improve the aesthetics of your garage door.

    Aluminum capping garage door frame also offers other benefits.

    If you want to learn more about the advantages of capping your garage door frame with aluminum, continue reading this article.

    For professional installation of garage door capping, contact Silver Garage Doors.

    We have an experienced team of technicians who can correctly add the aluminum garage door capping.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

    We are available all the time, from Monday to Sunday, for your bookings and inquiries.

    Call us now!

    What is Aluminum Garage Door Frame Capping?

    When technicians cap your garage door frame, they install metal sheathing over the wooden frame.

    This process restores and revives the appearance of your door.

    The aluminum sheathing will cover any chips, cracks, or peeling paint on your door frame.

    Moreover, it will also protect the wood from damaging factors such as moisture.

    As a result, the wood will not deteriorate quickly and will not be susceptible to molds.

    Consequently, your garage door will last and look attractive for extended periods.

    Why Should You Add Aluminum Capping?

    There are many compelling reasons why you must cap your garage door with aluminum.

    We have listed five of them in this article.

    Aluminum frame capping can boost your garage door.

    Adding a frame capping will cover any imperfections on your wooden frame.

    Say goodbye to the old chips, cracks, and paint on your door frame.

    Now, you can achieve a cleaner and sharper-looking garage door with aluminum garage door frame capping.

    Garage door frame capping requires less maintenance.

    Wood is more difficult to maintain than metal.

    It requires stripping, sanding, staining, and painting.

    On the other hand, you can clean an aluminum cover with mild detergent, water, and a cloth.

    Thus, we recommend installing aluminum frame capping if you don’t want to deal with wood maintenance anymore.

    You’ll enjoy longer lasting garage door frame.

    The aluminum sheathing will protect the wood underneath it from moisture and other destructive factors.

    Thus, the wood will not decay quickly, and it will also be insusceptible to mold growth.

    Consequently, your garage door frame will last longer, and you won’t need to replace it soon.

    You can customize the aluminum frame capping.

    You can choose to customize the color and design of the capping to fit your house exterior.

    In this way, it will highlight and complement your home’s architecture.

    As a result, your garage door will look appealing, and curb appeal will significantly increase.

    Aluminum frame capping provides insulation.

    Adding a frame capping will improve the insulating capabilities of your insulated garage door.

    The metal sheath provides a barrier against heat transfer.

    Because of this, your garage door will not quickly adopt the external temperature.

    You’ll stay safe and comfortable inside your garage.

    How to Install Aluminum Capping Garage Door Frame

    Installing a garage door frame capping is easy, but it requires precision and meticulousness.

    This is why you should only trust professional technicians to cap your garage door frame.

    Garage door repair specialists have years of experience installing garage doors and additional features.

    Thus, they have developed their skills in capping different garage door frame styles.

    Professional technicians also have correct tools, such as the brake.

    This is a machine that precisely bends metal sheets into their desired shape.

    You shouldn’t attempt to install a frame capping because you might end up destroying your garage door’s appearance.

    Your garage door frame may look uneven and cluttered.

    The wood underneath may not be fully covered, leaving it susceptible to rotting and mold buildup.

    Contact your local garage door specialist for your aluminum garage door capping needs.

    Contact Silver Garage Doors Today

    Do you need a professional team to install your garage door frame capping?

    Call Silver Garage Doors now and let our certified technicians handle everything!

    We guarantee that we only use reliable and high-quality materials for the capping.

    Our licensed technicians are also experienced in accomplishing the task efficiently.

    Talk to our team today by calling our local number.

    We also offer residential and commercial garage door repair in your area.

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    Are you fed up with your garage door’s costly upkeep costs?

    It is certainly time-consuming and pricey to conduct yearly maintenance of your garage door.

    Thus, it is definitely now the time for you to consider aluminum capping on your garage door frame.

    It not only saves you money on maintenance, but it also improves the beauty of your property.

    Furthermore, installing aluminum capping on your door frame protects your garage door from damage.

    However, if you don’t have the necessary abilities and equipment, it can be too difficult to make it one of your DIY projects.

    In this regard, you can count on Silver Garage Doors.

    Our garage door specialists are well-versed in this field and have the necessary expertise to execute the job safely and efficiently.

    We guarantee that you will receive the best garage door services possible.

    Moreover, we provide a full range of services including garage door repair, replacement, and maintenance.

    Make an appointment with us and let our team take care of your garage door needs.

    Aluminum Capping

    The covering of aluminum sheeting around your garage doors is referred to as capping or cladding.

    These aluminum sheets are cut and curved to fit your garage door frame.

    It works by covering any obvious cracks, peeling paint, or scratches on your door’s frame.

    Additionally, it serves as a barrier against the elements between the exterior and inside of your garage.

    As a result, drafts are reduced and energy efficiency improves.

    It is also no longer necessary to undertake annual maintenance because aluminum is low-maintenance.

    Despite the fact that this explanation makes capping sound simple, it is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult process.

    A specialized tool is used to correctly bend the aluminum.

    Because of this, you should leave the installation of your garage aluminum capping to professionals who are familiar with the process and can ensure that it is done correctly and safely.

    Otherwise, even the least discrepancy between your garage door frame and the aluminum capping can make your entire house look unattractive.

    Benefits of Aluminum Capping

    It might be difficult to keep your home’s exterior in great condition.

    Many of the visual aspects of your property may be harmed if it is exposed to the elements.

    These external elements, in particular, can have an impact on your garage door.

    It is possible that it will get scratched or broken, which will have a major effect on your home’s overall appearance.

    You can, however, use aluminum capping to protect your garage door.

    This can benefit you in a variety of ways.


    Maintaining your home is no simple job.

    But, having aluminum capping installed, minimizes your upkeep duties.

    In fact, you won’t have to do any yearly maintenance on your garage door frame once it is coated.

    Here are some of the maintenance requirements that are effectively removed when you have aluminum capping.

    • Having yearly upkeeps
    • Scraping or sanding paint or stain
    • Power washing
    • Fixing damaged frame
    • Re-painting of garage door frame

    Improved appearance

    Your garage door is an important component of your home.

    Besides serving as a deterrent to invaders, it also draws attention of passers-by.

    Thus, having a garage door that is both functional and attractive is beneficial.

    Having your garage door frame covered with aluminum, you can preserve your door’s pristine look.

    With that, you can protect your door from damages and improve the look of your home’s overall aesthetic.

    Long lifespan

    Garage door frames are shielded from the elements and the ravages of time with aluminum capping.

    This extends the life of your entire garage door system.

    You may rest assured that you will be able to take advantage of the benefits your garage door offers for a long time.

    Reliable Aluminum Capping Services

    As of now, you probably have understood the importance of aluminum cladding on your garage door frame.

    Though it seems like a pretty simple job to handle on your own, it would be best to leave it to professionals.

    If you place great value on quality and safety, Silver Garage Doors is right for you.

    We make it a point to provide the greatest garage door services, including garage door repair, replacement, and maintenance, as well as aluminum capping.

    Our door specialist has the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the job right.

    Allow us to enhance your home’s curb appeal while reducing your maintenance costs.

    Contact us!

    Are you trying to spruce up your garage door without having to replace it completely?

    Or you are probably tired of fixing and maintaining your old wooden frames.

    You may want to consider aluminum capping on your garage door frame.

    Not only does it improve the appearance of your property, but it also increases your garage door’s durability.

    Indeed, it is beneficial to have a well-functional and attractive garage door.

    Additionally, having aluminum capping installed on your garage door frame will reduce your home’s maintenance costs.

    So, if you are thinking of doing this cost-effective home renovation, look no further!

    At Silver Garage Doors, we have well-trained and highly-skilled professionals who can modernize and beautify your garage door in a safe and timely manner.

    In addition to garage door repair and replacement, we take great satisfaction in offering a wide range of services.

    Contact us and we will take a look at your garage door needs in detail.

    What Is Aluminum Capping?

    Basically, aluminum capping or cladding refers to the wrapping of aluminum sheeting over the frame of your garage door.

    Custom-cut and shaped aluminum sheets are used to suit your existing garage door frame.

    Aluminum capping is used to conceal any visible cracks, scratches, or peeling paint on the wooden frame.

    It also acts as a barrier between your garage’s outside and interior.

    This enhances energy efficiency and decreases drafts.

    Furthermore, because aluminum is low-maintenance, it is no longer necessary to perform annual upkeep.

    You will not need to sacrifice your spare time for painting, staining, and scraping your door frame.

    Why Add Aluminum Capping To Your Garage Door Frame?

    The outside of your home has a significant impact on people’s perceptions.

    As a matter of fact, your home’s value may be judged on the basis of its outside features.

    Your garage door is a crucial external component of your home that contributes to the apparent worth of your property.

    It may, however, become damaged over time as a result of the inclement weather and repeated use.

    Hence, the need for installation of aluminum capping around the garage door frame.

    You can benefit from this in a variety of ways.

    Here’s to name a few.

    • Boosts aesthetic appeal- maintains a clean and fresh appearance of your garage door.
    • Saves costs – the existing frame is less expensive than a complete replacement.
    • Increases garage door’s lifespan- protects the door frame from the effects of time and adverse weather conditions which prolong the life of the entire garage door.
    • Improves durability of your garage door- aluminum capping is extremely resistant to fading and rusting.
    • Offers a wide range of options- in a variety of designs and colors.
    • Provides convenience- once installed, it is almost maintenance-free.

    What Are Some Of The Maintenance Requirements That Are No Longer Necessary By Adding Aluminum Capping?

    It can sometimes seem like a full-time job to own and maintain a home.

    Just as you thought you have dealt with all of the pending maintenance issues, a new list of household chores appears out of nowhere.

    Thus, you may be looking for low-maintenance programs or features to lower your home’s upkeep costs.

    When it comes to your garage door, one way to minimize its maintenance is to have aluminum capping of the garage door frame.

    This effectively removes all of the following home maintenance requirements:

    • Re-staining or re-painting
    • Mending damaged wood
    • Conducting annual maintenance
    • Sanding/scraping paint or stain
    • Power washing

    Who Should You Call For Reliable Aluminum Capping Services?

    As previously mentioned, aluminum capping serves as a protection for your garage door frame while adding a cost-effective improvement to your home.

    It may be, however, too tough to tackle on your own.

    It is for this reason why it is better to leave it to the experts.

    But, with so many aluminum capping services to select from, it may be tough to choose the appropriate one that will meet or surpass your expectations.

    If you place high value on safety and quality, you can never go wrong with Silver Garage Doors.

    We ensure to deliver the best garage door services including aluminum capping garage door frame and garage door repair, replacement, and maintenance.

    Our team of specialists is well-versed in the field and are equipped with the required tools to complete the task in a timely and effective manner.

    Allow us to enhance and modernize your garage door.

    Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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