Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance

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    Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance

    Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance

    From carpentry, interior designing, and even garage door repairs–the rise of do-it-yourself tutorials on the internet has exponentially grown over time.

    Although DIYs significantly save you a lot of money–nothing beats a professional’s work after every project even years later on.

    However, if you’re among the DIYers, here’s a quick guide for do-it-yourself garage door maintenance to keep your door’s mechanism in its optimal condition.

    Why do you need to maintain the garage door?

    Besides the prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions and other detrimental factors, the hardware will lose its resiliency and durability over time.

    However, when a garage door receives routine or regular maintenance, it will last longer even past its prime.

    Additionally, it rarely demands expensive repairs or emergency garage door services.

    Therefore, always see to it that even if you’re leading a busy lifestyle, do not disregard the necessity of your garage door.

    If you can’t do the routine maintenance, call your nearby friendly garage door repairman in Mississauga that provides fast same-day garage door services.

    Tips on Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Maintenance

    When it comes to garage door maintenance, you have to consider the door panel’s frequency of use, age, material, and more.

    Furthermore, learn how to maintain your garage door’s upkeep for a smooth and fully functional overhead door panel at any time.

    • Observe your door panel. A garage door panel that receives routine maintenance does not create jerky movements, produces unusual sounds, crooked or slanted door panel
    • Inspect the garage door tracks. Clear both garage door tracks to make sure that no dirt or debris is blocking the rollers as you open and close the panel.

    Normally, you need to inspect the rollers every 6 months and replace them every 5 to 7 years–depending on the necessity.

    If you notice that there’s a need to make small adjustments–then, do so.

    Otherwise, call technical support for major repairs.

    • Keep your hardware tight. The frequency of use, mechanism, and other movements can loosen the door panel’s components.

    You can use your handy household tools to tighten the hardware, however, leave the major adjustments to your trustworthy professional garage door repairman.

    • Inspect the door panel’s pulleys and cables. Look out for gaps between the springs and cables. If there’s a visible gap on any side of the track, call for technical support.

    Broken springs are considered risky that entails dangers if you don’t have the skills, tools, and training.

    • Lubricate the hardware’s moving parts. Due to the nature of the door’s mechanism, it will lose its grease that allows slick operation and reduces stress on the moving parts.

    Lubricate your garage door with a high-quality lubricant every 6 months or as needed.

    • Test the door panel’s balance. When the door panel is out of balance, it stresses the hardware’s other functions and moving parts resulting in serious damages or expensive garage door repairs.

    Test the door’s balance starting by pulling the automatic opener’s release handle. Then, manually open the panel halfway through the threshold’s opening. The door panel should remain open mid-air. If it slams shut, call for technical support.

    • Inspect the Auto-Reverse. The normal response from this safety feature is when you place an object under the door panel; it should automatically reverse its movement. Otherwise, it requires replacement or total repair.
    • Replace weatherstripping regularly. Weatherstripping offers an array of benefits from improved insulation, keeping drafts from entering, reduces utility cost, and more.
    • Additionally, clean your door panel regularly to avoid harsh elements getting into the hardware’s components. Clean accordingly on the type of your door panel’s material.


    Garage doors require regular maintenance to keep them fully functional throughout their life span.

    Although it saves you a teeming amount of money on the cost of a professional’s services–nothing beats the secure feeling of knowing that it will keep the entire family safe.

    Additionally, hiring professional garage door services will provide you a warranty that if anything happens–you can call them for assistance.

    Therefore, leave the time-consuming and physically draining task of maintaining the garage door to a trustworthy professional garage door

    Prompt Garage Door Repair Services in Mississauga

    Prompt same-day garage door services are what define Silver Garage Door Repair in Mississauga.

    When it comes to garage door problems–trust us to come to your assistance and ready to take on the most demanding job.

    Once your garage door is no longer living up to its purpose in securing the widest threshold–it’s time to call a professional garage door repairman in Mississauga right away.

    Call us today! Our team of expert overhead door specialists is at your disposal at any time–24/7.

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