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    When you think of garage door openers, you only think of the ones that needed to be plugged in.

    Indeed, most garage door openers in the market are electrical.

    This leaves many people wondering, do garage door openers have batteries?

    The answer to this question is yes, but not in the sense that there are solely battery-operated openers.

    Garage door openers have backup batteries that you can use in case the power goes out.

    A reliable garage opener battery is a good investment.

    It will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to access your garage at any time.

    If you need help replacing your garage door opener batteries, contact Silver Garage Doors.

    Our technicians can also help you choose the most suitable and reliable battery for your opener.

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    Where is the Garage Door Battery Located?

    Several garage door opener units include a battery backup, including Liftmaster 87802 and 84602.

    You can also upgrade your operator and purchase batteries so you’ll be prepared during emergencies.

    These batteries are stored inside the garage door opener itself.

    If you take care of them and use them infrequently, they could last for 1 to 2 years.

    The garage door opener battery has enough juice to operate your door over 20 times.

    Moreover, the batteries are rechargeable, and they only take up a day to be fully charged.

    Replacing Garage Door Opener Batteries

    You can check the status of the garage door operator battery through the LED indicator.

    The opener LED will go red, or you’ll hear a beeping sound when it’s time to replace the battery.

    You can also schedule your battery replacement every after year or two.

    Don’t worry about changing your garage door opener battery because it’s easy.

    So, get your safety gloves and eye protection and follow the steps below.

    1. Disconnect your garage door opener from the outlet.
    2. Find the backup battery, which is usually located inside the light lens.
    3. Open the battery encasement by using a screwdriver.
    4. Take out the battery and disconnect the black and red wires from the item.
    5. Prepare the new battery and connect the black and red wires to it. Double-check that the red wire is plugged into the red terminal and the black wire to the black terminal.
    6. Place the battery back into its compartment and secure the cover by tightening it with a screwdriver.
    7. Plug the garage door opener back.

    Once you have finished the installation process, the LED should flash green.

    This indicates that you’ve successfully replaced the battery.

    It also means that the battery is charging.

    You must wait for 24 hours before the battery is fully charged.

    The LED indicator will stay solid green.

    Testing the New Garage Door Opener Battery

    To run your garage door opener on battery, you must unplug the device first.

    Next, use the wall remote or remote controller to open the door.

    The LED indicator should have a solid orange light.

    If the orange light is blinking, the battery is running low.

    After testing the battery, plug the operator back into the outlet to charge the battery and run the door on electricity.

    Benefits of Having a Backup Battery

    Keeping a battery backup is expedient during emergencies, evacuations, and power outages.

    With a backup battery, you’ll be able to open and close your garage door even during a blackout.

    Thus, the battery works well for areas that often experience a power outage.

    It is also advantageous when the only access to the garage is through the garage door.

    You can also safely evacuate out of your garage if you get locked in.

    This reduces the risks of accidents due to people getting trapped inside their garages during a power interruption.


    Garage door openers are a valuable product for garage owners.

    But they are only useful if they work correctly and have a power source.

    You should always be ready in case of power failure.

    Going back to the question, do garage door openers have batteries?

    The answer is yes, and investing in a reliable backup battery can save you in times of emergencies.

    If you want to upgrade your opener and install a backup battery, contact our team at Silver Garage Doors.

    Call our licensed technicians now to discuss your inquiries.

    Are you fed up with being late to work because your garage door refuses to open?

    Well, this can be quite an unnerving experience.

    On top of that, a garage door that is difficult to open may indicate a more significant problem.

    Because garage doors are utilized at least 1,500 times per year, it is inevitable that openers will break down at some point.

    If you find yourself in this predicament, you may need to hire a professional to check and repair your garage door.

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    Garage Door Openers

    You may wonder, “do garage door openers have batteries?.

    To start, garage door openers are relatively complicated and are dependent on a number of different systems that enable raising and lowering of them.

    These systems ensure safe and consistent lifting and lowering of your garage door.

    The transmitter is one of these systems.

    It works by simply transmitting a signal to your garage door opener, directing it to open or close your garage door.

    Of course, you will need power for your garage door transmitter, which is usually provided by batteries.

    Typically, garage door openers have a lithium ion battery.

    But, it can also be powered by a 1.5 volt alkaline battery.

    Signs That Your Garage Door Opener Transmitter Batteries Are Dead

    Now that you know the answer to the question “do garage door openers have batteries?” you can move on to the next step.

    It’s time to figure out when your garage door opener’s batteries are dead.

    It is said that garage door openers are being used thousands of times a year.

    Thus, batteries should be updated and replaced as frequently as possible.

    A dead battery could be the cause of your garage door not responding to your transmitter or reacting occasionally.

    Here are some of the signs that indicate that your garage door opener transmitter batteries are dead.

    Inconsistent operation

    If you click the button on your garage door opener remote and the door only reacts to your commands on rare occasions, it is likely because of weak signals from dying batteries.

    Jammed doors

    If your door refuses to open or close when you push the button on your garage door opener remote, it means that the remote is unable to send a signal to your opener.

    This is also a sign that batteries are dead leaving you with a malfunctioning garage door.

    Wall-mounted control panel

    Before you get anxious thinking that you will need to have your garage door repaired, make an attempt first to raise and lower it utilizing the wall-mounted control panel.

    If it functions properly, then you will just have to replace your transmitter batteries.

    Possible Reasons Replacing Batteries Doesn’t Work

    In the event that your garage door still refuses to open after you have tried replacing the batteries, do not panic.

    There could be other reasons why this is happening.

    Here’s what to check if replacing batteries doesn’t work.

    • Make sure the opener has power- check the plug to ensure that it is properly plugged in.
    • Align garage door sensors- sensors may drift out of alignment over time. You will need to make sure they point directly to each other.
    • Check if the door is locked- if the door cannot be opened, use the key and check if it has been locked.
    • Reset your remote- if your remote does not work with new batteries, you will need to do resetting.
    • Adjust limit setting- adjust if the limit setting is too high

    If you have examined all of these and still can’t get your garage door to work, it is now time to call a professional.

    It is possible that your receiver is not working properly and you will need to replace it.

    Reliable Garage Door Repair Services

    Faulty garage doors can be a bit of a nuisance.

    Fortunately, you can rely on us at Silver Garage Doors to help you identify quickly and resolve any garage door or opener problems you may be having.

    Our highly trained and experienced team of specialists can execute the job safely and efficiently.

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