Belt Vs. Chain Garage Door Opener

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    You need to assess your options in garage door openers.

    Belt-driven, chain-driven, screw-driven, or Jackshaft openers – you have many types of openers to choose from.

    In this article, we’ll compare belt vs. chain garage door openers.

    These are the two most common openers garage owners pick for their property.

    If you’re contemplating between the two, this article will help you decide.

    You can contact Silver Garage Doors to help you which opener best suits your lifestyle and budget.

    Our experienced technicians will also handle the installation of the opener.

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    Belt-Driven Vs. Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

    The two garage door openers have one thing in common and many differences.


    Belt and chain garage openers have similar designs.

    However, belt chains have a belt instead of a metal chain.

    This belt can be made of polyurethane, fiberglass, or steel-reinforced rubber.

    Because of its material, belt-driven garage openers don’t give off annoying rattling sounds.

    On the other hand, chain-driven garage door openers use a metal chain like the one used in bicycles.

    This chain is what moves the trolley of your door.


    One of the things you must consider when shopping for garage door openers is acoustics.

    Some openers operate quietly while others don’t.

    Between belt-driven and chain-driven garage openers, the former operates more quietly than the latter.

    This is mainly due to the mechanism and components of the two.

    Belt garage door openers operate quietly because the belt does not produce any sounds.

    On the other hand, you can expect metal-to-metal contact with a chain-driven opener.

    This could be frustrating and inconvenient, especially if you have a room near or above your garage.

    If that’s the case, you shouldn’t opt for a chain door opener.

    Or else, you’ll wake up every time the garage door opens and closes.


    Chain-driven garage door openers are the least expensive option among the types of openers.

    Belt garage openers are more expensive.

    You can expect a $30 to $60 difference when buying a belt opener compared to a chain-driven one.

    On the upside, at least you can enjoy a peaceful rest in your room with a belt-driven opener.


    Both types of garage door openers are durable.

    Belt-driven garage door openers can carry single or double residential garage doors.

    However, they cannot handle heavy doors such as composite and pure wood doors.

    Similarly, chain-driven openers can also handle the weight of heavy garage doors.

    This type of opener is even stronger than belt-driven openers, mainly due to the higher tensile strength of chains.

    Moreover, chains also have greater lifting capabilities than belts.

    So, if you have a heavy garage door, you may opt for a chain-driven opener for better performance.


    Both openers require proper and regular maintenance to last a long time.

    However, chain-driven openers are more durable and long-lasting than belt-driven ones.

    They can outlast a belt garage door opener.

    Professional Garage Door Opener Installation

    Belt vs. chain garage door opener — whichever you choose, you should properly install the device.

    Proper installation is a crucial step in your garage door’s correct functioning, security, and safety.

    Even if you have a durable and expensive opener, it will be useless if not installed correctly.

    If you’re unsure how to install your opener, contact your local garage door specialist.

    Expert technicians have the knowledge and skills to install garage door openers.

    If they are experienced, they will install any opener you want.

    Thus, you should look for a trusted and licensed garage door company in your area.


    Belt-driven and chain-driven garage door openers both have their pros and cons.

    It’s up to you to compare them and weigh them out.

    Silver Garage Doors can assist you in deciding which garage door opener suits your needs, budgets, and preferences.

    Call us today so you can talk to our expert technicians.

    We can also install your chosen garage door opener for you.

    Furthermore, we offer a wide range of garage door repairs, such as spring and cable repair and roller replacement.

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    Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener

    Garage door openers are in charge of opening and closing your garage door.

    These openers allow you to quickly enter and exit the garage by just pressing a button to raise and lower enormous doors.

    The most common types of overhead garage door openers are belt drive and chain drive openers.

    Both of the drive openers function in a similar way.

    Depending on your priorities, both are fantastic possibilities.

    For years, chain drive openers have been a common choice due to their dependability and affordability.

    Belt drive openers, however, are becoming increasingly prevalent because of their durability, speed, and quiet operation.

    Indeed, deciding between the two models is quite a difficult task.

    Should you go with a chain drive, which is less expensive, or a belt drive, which is quieter but more expensive?

    To assist you further in your decision, an in-depth topic about belt vs chain garage door opener is discussed below.

    Chain Drive Opener

    As the name implies, chain drive openers operate the garage doors with the help of a metal chain.

    Because they are inexpensive and easily available, these are the most popular models in residential garages.

    The tensile strength and lifting capability of chains used on residential garage door openers are usually higher than belts.


    • Easily accessible
    • Capacity to bear a lot of weight
    • Cost-effective and tried-and-true
    • Works with a variety of garage doors


    • Prone to friction-induced injury or damages
    • Shorter lifespan
    • Vibrations and loud noises
    • Susceptible to rust

    Belt Drive Opener

    Unlike chain drive garage openers, belt drive garage openers are powered by high-tensile rubber belts instead of chains.

    Belt drives utilize a trolley in order to raise and lower rubber belts whenever you open and close the garage door.

    Thus, allowing the system to have a quieter operation unlike the noisy purely metallic chain drives.

    However, belt drives have a smaller carrying capacity as compared to the chain driven garage door opener.

    For single-car garage doors, belt drive openers are ideal, but they can’t handle the larger wooden doors.


    • It runs smoothly and silently
    • It has a long service life
    • Little to no maintenance


    • Your garage door options are limited
    • Carries a premium asking price
    • Has a reduced load-bearing capability

    Factors To Consider

    You must take into account your demands and preferences when choosing a garage door opener.

    Here are the important factors to consider before choosing your garage door opener.


    Because belt drives do not require much maintenance, they tend to last longer.

    However, chain drive openers are prone to rust, which reduces their lifespan.


    Larger and heavier doors can be easily operated by chain drives.

    Belt drives, on the other hand, can only operate single-car garage doors smoothly, but not when they’re made of solid wood or steel.


    Belt drives are undoubtedly quieter than chain drives.


    The garage door opener with a chain drive is unquestionably the least expensive choice.

    It requires less time and effort to install correctly and is constructed of less expensive materials.

    Ready For A New Opener?

    After reading what you have learned about belt vs. chain garage door openers, you presumably have a better notion of which one to choose.

    Don’t hesitate to contact Silver Garage Doors when you are ready.

    We will provide you with the best garage door service possible.

    Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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